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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy in The Workplace

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy in The Workplace

These days taking the dog to the office or other working places can be a dream. Of course, this growing trend is often something job-hunters look for when it comes to office benefits. But as with the finest things in life, planning is important! So here are the ways to nail the office-dog routine and bypass hiccups along the way.

Think it through before you dive in

Before taking your dog to the workplace, look into your dog’s eyes and ask yourself if he will be happy in your office full of people. Suppose the answer is ‘yes’ – fantastic! But if you are not that much sure, try considering these things to decide if it’s worth it or not:

  • Is your pup well socialized? Does he comfortable with other people without barking?
  • Is your dog comfortable chilling on her own while you are busy with your boss or other employees in your office?
  • Is your dog brave enough to deal with a stranger or some loud sounds?

Moreover, you must think about your furry friend’s behavior also. For example, does your dog follow the commands like sit, stand, stay, and many others?

Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy In The Workplace

1. What does your pet want?

Consider your dog’s needs; everyone in the office must understand your pet’s preferences and temperament. For example, if they aren’t keen on being petted by strangers, let your coworkers know before you take your dog into the office. If your dog is comfortable once, then there is no problem, but if he is not, it will be trouble for you and your coworkers.

2. A little walk around the office 

When your puppy first visits your workplace, let him explore the new surroundings when there are not many people or other dogs in the office. It helps your dog to familiarise themselves with their new office atmosphere in their own time.

3. Walk before you go inside

Mindful exercises keep your dog healthy and his heart rate down so it can settle quickly. For example, try 15 minutes of sniffy walking outside the office before you go to work. You have to make your dog comfortable so that he will behave inside the office.

4. Puzzle toys are amazing, and treats are a must

Aside from introducing your dog to every coworker, you’ll still have to get work done. The simplest thing to keep them busy when you are busy is to bring some puzzle toys or treats like chews.

Keep Your Dog Happy in The office

5. Take plenty of potty breaks

These breaks are really important; if they did it inside, everybody would be disturbed. Also, ensure to take your dog outside more than they’re used to prevent potty mishaps, as they will probably be drinking more water than usual. Moreover, sometimes accidents occur, and we have all been there. So apologize, and clean it appropriately as soon as possible.

6. Have plenty of water

Make sure you have plenty of water, as new environments can be stressful. If your dog is blessed enough to have a playmate in the office, ensure they both have access to clean water. Water helps them to feel hydrated and healthy.

7. Put an ID tag on your pet’s collar

Just in case your dog is missed, you feel better knowing that he can be easily identified. Remember to bring a leash. It will be very helpful as keep your dog companion near your desk. An ID tag will help your dog to recognize fast.

8. Know the dog-free zones

Every company will have different policies regarding allowing dogs in the office. Therefore you should respect the rules if they don’t allow you to bring the dogs into the office. Moreover, many people are allergic or have other dog problems, so consider this also.

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9. Meeting other pets

When you introduce your dog to a new friend at work, make sure that your dog listens to your commands. Moreover, when they feel comfortable, they will say hello in their own time. If they don’t appear to be contacted, calmly walk your dog away at 90 degrees and make some distance so your dog can relax.

10. Check the signs if your pet is stressed

  • Stress yawn
  • Nose & lips lick/whale eyes
  • Head turn
  • Pacing, tongue turned upwards & panting
  • Freeze/standing stiffly, tail tucked under

Over the years, several studies have shown the advantages of allowing dogs in the workplace. Make an effort to be a reliable pet owner and coworker. Follow these ways to make your dog comfortable and happy in your workplace.

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