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Wednesday , May 24 2023
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Indian Pariah

Why Indian Pariah Is The Best Dog Breed For Indian Families?

I get tons of requests daily from dog lovers to help them choose the best dog breed for their family and my first suggestion to them has always been Indian Pariah Dogs, usually known as urban street dogs or desi/community dogs.

Why do I suggest an Indian Pariah over imported dog breeds?

Because factually they are the best dog breed in India to have as a pet in a family. They are recognized as one of the healthiest dog breeds in the WORLD and can endure the harsh Indian climatic conditions without any issues.

They are extremely low maintenance and can be easily house trained. They are highly loyal and excellent guard dogs. They have a healthy life span and can live up to 15 years.

About Indian Pariah Dog Breed

Indian Pariah

They are a native dog breed and have been widely known by different names all across the country.

  • In Kerala, they are known as Naadan
  • In West Bengal, they are called Neri Kukur
  • In Himachal as Luru
  • And in Punjab as Desi Kutta

Indian Pariah is recognized by the Indian Kennel Club and PADS. Here is some more information that you might not know about the Indian Pariah dog breed.

They can adjust anywhere

They are an alert and very social dog breed that enjoys being in the presence of humans. They can be great guard dogs and easily trained because of their high intelligence. They are very loving and safe around kids. They are not heavy eaters and like to play a lot.

They are perfectly suited for working couples or families living in apartments in the city. They are independent dogs and can stay alone for a longer period of time.

Good health

As they are a naturally evolved breed, you don’t have to worry about many health issues. They keep themselves clean and require very less grooming/maintenance.

Most dog owners complain about dog smell in their house which is quite common with pedigree dog breeds. However, the Indian pariah has no body odor. Also, they don’t suffer from those common genetic health disorders like hip dysplasia, etc.

Many people have issues with dog hair or allergies. With Indian Pariah, you don’t have to worry about dog hair all-around home.

They have a short, coarse coat of hair and shed very lightly during, on, or before the monsoon. You won’t even notice their shedding. They don’t drool either!

Unique and cost-effective


Every Indian pariah is unique in appearance and there are no two similar-looking Indian pariah dogs. If you want a Pariah dog, just visit your nearest street dog shelter or NGO to adopt one.

Yes, you can just adopt from a desi litter in your community too. If you want more information on how to adopt an Indian pariah dog, just get in touch with your local animal shelter or local animal volunteers. They can help you with the adoption process too.

Sanjay B.

An avid dog lover who frequently writes about prevalent dog issues in India, dog news, dog health, and care, etc. He also enjoys photography, food, films, and lively conversations!

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