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The Best Apps and Websites for Lost Pets in 2023

The Best Apps and Websites for Lost Pets in 2023

It is hard to imagine any pet parent wanting to be in a situation where their fur angel goes missing. The sad thing is that this happens more frequently than people realize. However, it is always good to know you have help available if such an unfortunate and undesirable situation befalls you.

Searching for your lost pet can be a frightening and lonely experience. Even worse than that is where you can only do so much, and remember that every minute counts over here! So, if you know about apps and sites that can help you. It can be highly reassuring.

These days you also have apps and sites that help you avoid losing these pets. It is much better than looking for them when they go missing. So, here are the best apps and websites to look for lost pets in 2023.

Missing Pet Apps in 2023

Find Shadow 

It is a free app letting owners use a combination of technology with volunteers to reunite with their lost pets. Once you post that you have lost a pet, you get a customized action plan and a personalized lost pet flyer that you can download and distribute in your locality.

The volunteers who work with this service help you by combing through databases of missing and found pet websites in the locality. They also look at shelters and local listings to match missing and found pets.


It combines technologies and methods to reunite pet parents with their lost babies. It is an award-winning organization that we are talking about over here. In most cases, they can find lost pets and reunite them with their human parents within 24 hours.

Missing Animal Response Network 

Also known as MAR, it is a not-for-profit organization that dedicated itself to ensuring that lost pets get to reunite with their human families at the earliest.

It does so by establishing partnerships with animal welfare agencies and educating pet parents on how they can avoid losing their little ones. It offers courses on loss prevention apart from ones on normal animal behavior once they are away from the safety of their homes.

Knowing how your pet is likely to respond to the stimuli of being lost can help you figure out the best way you can find them.

Here you will find critical information on how to lure a stray or lost animal rather than chasing them and reasons such behavior is more effective and safer.

Lost Dogs of America 

Also referred to as LDOA, it uses volunteers who are always willing to unite lost dogs with their parents. A significant emphasis of the work done by this organization is on reducing the number of strays in shelters.

Helping Lost Pets 

The website offers a database where you can list every lost and found pet. These listings help create a network where the information is distributed on social media. On top of this, the website also generates alerts based on location and makes sure that these are relevant to the needs of the parents of lost pets.


It is an app designed specifically for dog owners to find others of their ilk in the area. This way, you can set up play dates and inform other dog parents regarding spaces and parks that are great for dogs. Most importantly, the website has a feature that allows dog parents to report dogs they have found or lost.

The app uses local information that can prove useful to the entire community of dog parents in an area; whenever a dog goes missing. These local alerts ensure that the dog parents’ community in the area can mobilize and help search for a missing or lost dog.

Whistle Legacy 

It is a free app designed to make sure that your pet is healthier by determining the location and activity of your pet. The app provides details, such as your pet’s temperature, weight, and pulse.

Most importantly, GPS (Global Positioning System) technology in this app helps you keep track of your pet in the most accurate way possible. It includes text alerts provided whenever your pet leaves a safe zone that you have listed.


It is a pet app designed to keep your pet safe. It happens to be a free app that provides alerts on lost and found pets in a local community. This way, you can meet other pet owners, give lost pet broadcasts, and get aware of local dangers and scams.

Finding Rover

In the last couple of years, the website has found acclaim because of how successful it has been in helping pet parents reunite with their lost pets. It works by using the latest and best technology by using photos of lost pets provided by their parents and matching them with ones of found animals.

It is a facial recognition software to tally found pets listed on various websites and in shelters with photos of pets listed as missing. The usage of facial recognition can be regarded as new technology as far as apps that find pets are concerned, and this is why this app has got the recognition it has achieved.

The statistics on how successful facial recognition software has been are few, but this technological leap has excited one and all.

Dog monitor and pet cam

One of the best ways to watch your pets, including dogs, is to spend money on monitors and cameras used when you are not at home. Some apps and monitoring systems let pet parents communicate with their four-legged babies no matter where they are.

The most important thing is that they help make sure your little one is fine. Even in case there is something wrong with them. You can find it out quickly using the kind of technology we are talking about over here.

It means that if your pet has broken free or is not responding, you would be able to act fast. It gives you the best chance to find your pet within a short time span.

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What is the best way to keep my pet safe?

The best way to keep your pet safe is to prevent the possibility that it will get lost. Hence, you must invest in sturdy tags with the latest contact information on their collars.

Does microchipping work?

Microchipping is a great way to find a lost pet – it is inexpensive and increases the chance that your little one would return back home safely in case they get lost.

Should I keep my microchipping company updated if I ever move home?

Yes, if you ever move to a new address, you must inform the company that has injected the microchip in your pet about the same.

What would happen if I did not do so?

The unfortunate thing about not doing what we have said above is that the microchip would be useless. Hence, it is reason why you must never forget to update your contact information with the microchipping company.

What are some of the best apps and websites for lost and found pets in 2023?

The best apps for lost and found pets in 2023 are Find Shadow, PetHub, Missing Animal Response Network, and Lost Dogs of America, to name a few.


So, the sites and apps mentioned above are some of the best rights now in 2023 finding your lost pet is concerned. They can help you prevent the possibility of losing them in the first place and also assist you in finding them quickly in case they go missing.

If we use modern technology, all pet parents can play their roles better and make sure as long as our pets are with us safe. You can acquaint yourself properly with these apps and work as a volunteer, helping reunite lost pets with their human parents.

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