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Sunday , September 19 2021
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7 Best Apps For Every Pet Owner in 2021

7 Best Apps For Every Pet Owner in 2021

Nowadays, people are prone to use smartphones for their every work. There is hardly any time of the day when people do not carry their smartphones. However, nowadays, people prefer to use apps associated with dogs, especially pet owners. Here is a list of the few best apps for pet owners available for Android and iPhone users.

1. PetRescuers

Image Source: PetRescuers

PetRescuers app is available on both Android and IoS versions and helps find the clinics and shelters related to pets. The details of missing dogs and cats find out by using this app. It is one of the frequently used apps for dog care.

Moreover, this app also has blogs that can give you a lot of valuable information about your Canine friend. Stories include some heart-drenching stories of dogs reunited with families through the microchipping method.

2. My pet Reminders

My pet Reminders
Image Source: My pet Reminders

My Pet Reminders is also the best app for pets known to record your dog vaccinations and appointments with the vet. It also provides a list of medications that a person can use in an emergency with dogs.

In addition, MyPet allows creating a user profile in which important dates are mentioned related to dogs and other pets, which gives notifications according to settings.

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3. The Bark

The Bark
Image Source: The Bark

It is a dog culture magazine-based app. It provides exciting articles and features varied topics related to dogs. For example, you can learn about animal behavior and reproduction, especially for canines. It is a free-to-use app for dog care but requires a paid subscription to download any article.

4. Rover

Rover dog sitting
Image Source: Rover dog sitting

Rover is regarded as the most prominent company online, which provides the services of the pet sitter. People who wish to work as pet sitters prefer to use the rover app.

It is one of the best apps for pets and enlists professional dog walkers, house and pet sitters, and other people who love to take care of pets. It is available for both Android and IoS users.

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5. Dog clicker training

Dog clicker

This app is recommended by some behaviorists and is considered an effective way to train your pets. It is an app build on behavioral tips such as conditional reasoning and reward response.

It has three different sounds, which can be replaced around a separate clicker. It is available for both Android and IoS users.

6. Pet Parent

Pet Parent
Image Source: Pet Parent

Pet Parent app is the perfect one for those who love to connect with the entire community of pet lovers, especially dogs. This app helps to locate pet-oriented places like dog parks and doggie daycare centers.

This app also enables the facility to add a photo of a pet and can help to spot some dog-friendly bars and brunch spots. It is available on both the play store and the app store as well.

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7. Wag

Wag app
Image Source: Wag app

Wag app is considered one of the best connections to dog walking services. It includes a global positioning tracking system that can be tracked when the dog is with a dog-walker.

It highlights the list of professional and background-checked dog walkers, which can be booked after selecting from the list. Moreover, after every track, a system provides information on whether the dog pooped or peed. The demerit is it is only available for IoS users.


There might be hundreds of apps and tools available on PlayStore and iStore, but we have mentioned some of the best apps having excellent reviews and feedbacks from users.

These are some of the highly recommended apps by dog lovers and dog owners. People interested in getting a dog can seek help through these apps.

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