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Sunday , September 19 2021
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Best Fun Puzzle Games For You And Your Dog

Best Fun Puzzle Games For You And Your Dog

Be it any dog; it needs physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and active. Moreover, the dogs are usually super excited to play with their masters.

But, unfortunately, the current situation and sometimes climatic changes are constraints to take your pet out for a walk or play. But, fret not; you have fantastic games and indoor play options to keep your dogs engaged and active.

Well, there are so many toys specially crafted for dogs. Among them, one of the loved and productive games is Puzzles.

There is a common misconception that puzzle games are meant only for humans. But no, it’s not; your dog will surely enjoy the puzzle game as it helps them to keep their brain active. Want to know more about puzzle games and their benefits? Scroll down;

Benefits of Puzzle Games for You & Your Dog

Puzzle games are one of the most loved ones among the games. But, do you know it can gift you with some amazing benefits apart from mere entertainment? Let’s have a peep into it.

  • It’s the best exercise for the mind: Puzzle games are beneficial for your dogs and you, as they keep the mind busy. In addition, it ensures that your dog gets adequate exercise for the mind.
  • The best options to avoid boredom: Like humans, your dogs all get bored quickly. Engaging them with puzzle games will be great fun for your dog; teaching them and playing with them is an excellent remedy to prevent your boredom too.
  • Your pets learn new techniques and tricks from the game: Every game is exciting for the dogs. They learn new tricks and techniques whenever they play a new game.
  • Brain games help change the behavior: Brain games like puzzles will keep your dog busy; this will help control your dog’s destructive behavior.

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Best Puzzle Games For Dogs

Flip Board:

Flip Board

This puzzle is comparatively tricky; the dog should be ready to use its tongue and paws to flip them in the right way. Flip board puzzle is best to try for big dogs as it’s a bit tricky to play.

Dog Twister:

Dog Twister

Dog twister is one of the favorite ones for many dogs as they get surprise rewards from the compartments. The game starts with filling some compartments with treats; the dog needs to move the block and find out which box is the hidden treat.

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Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel
Image Source: Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

This is a fun-filled yet simple puzzle game for your dog. It’s more similar to hide and seek. Though it’s a new game in town, many dog owners have already ordered it. The game is simple; you will stuff the cute little squeaky squirrels into the trunks and let your dog find out.

Snuffle Mats 

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are one of the classic puzzle toys. First, they have to find out the treatment which is hiding in the strands of the fabric.

These are best for dogs of all sizes. These toys are made of washable materials, so it’s easy to maintain and keep them hygienic.

Games are always fun for all, kids, adults, or pets; everybody equally enjoys it. It also helps to keep its players active and stress-free.

So try out for more puzzle games, and have a fun time with your cutest puppy.

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