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Tuesday , January 25 2022
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8 Signs Your Dog Is Happy

8 Signs Your Dog Is Happy

Don’t you sometimes wish that our cute furry friends could talk to us? Wouldn’t it make things so much easier? Most of our readers often ask, how would they know if their pet dog is happy or not? So, we decided to list 8 signs that show that your dog is happy.

1.   Relaxed ears

According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the happier the dog, the more relaxed or floppy its ears will be. Pricked-up ears are a sign of fear or aggression for pups.

2.   A wagging tail

This is a pretty well-known sign of happiness. But in case you weren’t aware, notice this habit of your dog. It will tell you that your dog is in a good mood.

However, all tail wags don’t show happiness. When they are angry, their tail is lifted up and wagged frantically towards the left. The remaining tail wags (especially towards the right) represent their happy mood.

3.   Relaxed Eyes

Pay attention to the way your dog’s eyes look when doing different activities or during different times of the day. You’ll start noticing the differences and will be able to read your dog’s mood better. Relaxed eyes show their happy mood.

4.   Loose mouth

Sometimes we assume a dog is smiling by looking at her/his face and we are not exactly wrong that time. As per studies a happy dog will have a relaxed jawline rather than a tight mouth.

5.   Hungry dog

A sign of a happy and healthy dog is having a strong appetite. If you notice a major change in their daily eating routine such as issues with eating food for 2, 3 days, then it could be a sign that something isn’t right.

6.   Sleeping a lot

As per PetMD, happy dogs can take naps up to 16 hours a day. This is a strong sign that your puppy is happy and relaxed.

7.   Healthy coat

A healthy coat is a sign of a happy dog.  But when their fur starts to shed without any external factors intervening then your dog might be going through some health condition or emotionally unstable.

A shiny, healthy-looking coat is always a good indicator of your dog’s health and mood.

8.    Clinging for belly rubs

If your dog is lying on its back, wriggling around you in a playful manner, it’s pretty safe to assume they are happy. If they keep on asking you to rub their belly, they need your attention and are in a happy mood.

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