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6 Effective Training Accessories for Dogs

Training a dog can be challenging if you have no prior experience. Depending on the breed of dog, you may have an easier or harder time teaching your pet new skills. Regardless of the breed, there are some valuable training tools on the market that can make the training process …

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Why Shouldn’t You Cut Your Dog’s Coat?

You love your dog, and that’s probably why you’re considering giving him a haircut. You may not realize, but if you cut a dog’s hair, it’ll do more harm than good. It won’t help your dog cope with heat or uneasiness. Instead, it’ll make him prone to heatstroke and other …

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Human Influx Affects Stray Dog Behaviour in India

Changing human flux and urban landscape has a significant influence on the personality and psyche of stray / free-ranging or street dogs in India, a recent study by the Dog Lab at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata has said. India’s free-ranging dogs comprise about 80 …

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Maneka Gandhi targets Dog Meat Sale

Unabated sale of dogs for consumption in Nagaland has once again drawn the attention and ire of Lok Sabha Member of Parliament(MP), Maneka Gandhi, who is also one of the leading animal rights activists in the country. Maneka has shot off a letter to Jitendra Singh, minister of state for …

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Municipal Corporation to Sterilize Stray Dogs in Karnal

With the increasing number of stray dogs and over 600 dog bite cases per month reported at Civil Hospital, the municipal corporation (MC) has decided to sterilize the canine population. The process of the survey has begun and it is expected that the sterilization campaign will start on July 10. …

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