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Friday , January 15 2021
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6 Effective Training Accessories for Dogs

Training a dog can be challenging if you have no prior experience. Depending on the breed of dog, you may have an easier or harder time teaching your pet new skills.

Regardless of the breed, there are some valuable training tools on the market that can make the training process a lot smoother. Here is a list of the most useful training tools:

Pinch Collars

If you’re a strict dog owner that wants a well-disciplined pet, you may want to consider getting a pinch collar.

Pinch collars help discipline your pet, but you want to carefully consider your options to avoid buying one that will be uncomfortable for your pet.

Pinch collars have a series of metal prongs that pinch your dog’s loose skin when you pull the control loop. It’s critical that you buy a properly fitted pinch collar if you do decide to use one.

Dogtelligent will help you find some of the best models out there. Make sure you conduct adequate research and assess your dog’s comfort before using a pinch collar routinely.


A clicker is a small device the makes a clicking sound when you press on it. You can use clickers to affirm your dog’s positive behaviors.

They’ll learn to associate the sound with good behavior. Clicker training is a fast and simple way to start training your dog. When you start using this technique, have treats on hand so your dog feels rewarded. Eventually, you will reduce the number of treats that you give them and rely on the clicks alone.

Treat Pouches

You never know when a learning opportunity will come up. If you’re the type to frequently take your dog on outings, having a treat pouch will prevent you from missing valuable training opportunities.

These pouches usually hang on your belt loop. They’re great to have at dog parks where you may need to manage your dog’s interactions with other animals.

Treat Dispensers

Treat dispensers are useful for when you’re not at home. Having an automated treat dispenser will make your dog feel more comfortable when they’re without you.

For dogs who suffer from anxiety, these devices provide a sense of comfort and normalcy.

Some treat dispensers are linked to your phone so you can observe what’s going on at home while you’re not there. This gives you another opportunity to train your dog, even if you’re not there.

When you see them behaving well, simply dispense a treat so they know to repeat that behavior in the future.


Kongs are rubber dog toys that have an opening in the center. Depending on the size of your dog, you can choose to buy a small or large kong.

What a lot of dog owners do is put peanut butter inside of the kong and then freeze the toy. When you need to distract your dog, pull it out of the freezer and let them try and get the peanut butter out of the center. Kongs are fun and rewarding toys that will keep your dog busy. Purchase a few of them so you always have one on hand.

Portable Mats

A relaxed dog is a more receptive dog. Having a space dedicated to your pet will make them feel more comfortable. That’s why you should buy a cozy, properly-sized bed that is easy to travel with.

A portable mat will help your dog adjust to new environments. Make them feel comfortable in new spaces so they adjust. Otherwise, they’ll remain fearful and continue to misbehave.

If you can opt for one that has a sticky bottom surface so it doesn’t slide around.

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