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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Rocket | NSG Recommends Its Dog For Sena Medal

India’s elite commando force NSG has recommended its dog – Rocket for Sena Medal. Lt Col Niranjan, who died on duty during Pathankot air base attack, has also been recommended for Shaurya Chakra along with two other commandos.

Rocket – A Belgian Malinois

Rocket is almost 3 years old, a Belgian Malinois breed, has been recommended for its bravery during terrorist attack at Pathankot air base. He is one of the most trusted canines in NSG’s K-9 unit and deserves to be acknowledged for its bravery and courage under extreme conditions.

“Rocket walked into a burning airmen billet on the direction of his master and brought back a pouch that indicated presence of militants inside. Rocket’s paws got singed but that did not deter him from following the directions of his master also called the handler,” said a senior official

The Pathankot attack took place on the night of January 1, 2016. The attack on the airbase by 6 terrorists resulted in death of seven security personnel. NSG confirmed that 4 terrorists were killed, whose bodies were recovered later, while two terrorist bodies were not found. However, as per a report from NIA, the remaining 2 terrorists were killed with heavy explosives.

A Union Home Ministry appointed committee will finalize the names of the recipients to be acknowledged with these medals before Independence Day.

Reference: Indian Express

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