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Sunday , September 27 2020
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Questions Your Dog Would Like To Ask You

Dogs love to communicate with us, whether it’s a slight tilt of the head or a curious, tongue-dangling smile. They are always trying to ask us interesting and insightful questions. Here’s a list of questions that your dog wants you to answer:

1. “Sniff… Sniff…What are you eating?”

Source: @dobermanduo


2. “Do I look like a good boy now?”

Source: @dogsbestman


3. “Can I have that last piece of chicken?”

Source: @pawfectionist


4. “Is this bed for me?”

Dog Question No.5
Source: @frankiethelilsausage


5. “Was I not supposed to poop here?”

Dog Question No.6
Source: @thefugee


6. “Ummm… What are you cooking there?”

Dog Question No.7
Source: @jaeun2


7. “Are you going to eat that?”

Dog Question No.8
Source: @itsjustsacha


8. “What is this creature and how do I get rid of it?”

Dog QuestionNo.9
Source: @tazzydw2


9. “Is there dirt on my face?”

Dog QuestionNo.10
Source: @pawsandpaint


10. “Are you going to leave me here – all alone?”

Dog Question No.11
Source: @mobibear


11. “When are we going out for a walk?”

Dog Question No.12
Source: @blueeyeskye


12. “Can I have this sock? Please, please… pretty please?”

Dog Question No.13
Source: @fancylily


13. “How would you like it if I put this on your head?”

Question dog No.14
Source: @renecharlesnyc


14. “Why can’t you play with your own toys?”

Question dog No.15
Source: @harriettnoir


15. “I buried some stuff here, where did it go?”

Question dog No.16
Source: @conniethecorgi
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