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Professional Dog Trainer Academies in US

Professional Dog Trainer Academies in US

Dog trainers prefer a career in the field as they are animal lovers and adore dogs the most. The purpose of an obedience dog trainer is to see a harmonious and affectionate relationship between pet parent and dog.

Would-be trainers generally start the certification method by volunteering at dog shelters, adoption centers, and veterinary clinics to earn experience with pups of all ages and sizes under varying circumstances.

Then, it’s time for the certification procedure and skills learning. Schools, like Dog Trainer Academies listed here, offer various creative programs geared toward understanding and supporting the bond between humans and dogs.

Here are some of the best Dog Trainer Academies in US

1. Starmark Academy

It is located in Hutto, Texas, and offers 4, 8, and 12-week courses with tuition fees varying from $5795 to $9795. Students stay at the facility to train.

It can be both dog trainers bringing an untrained dog to instruct or can be allocated a local shelter dog. Starmark Academy prides itself on working with Texas homeless shelters to train dogs in need, training them for placement in homes. Moreover, students can learn to be canine training professionals, with courses including advanced manners, kennel management, and competitive compliance.

2. The Academy for Dog Trainers

Its head office is in Emeryville, California. The course tuition fee is $6825 if prepaid. Students have a two-year maximum to complete the course. Also, online instruction is offered. The Academy for Dog Trainers offers an intensive course with a team of dog training school owners and specialists located worldwide. Courses cover client counseling and dealing with aggressive or nervous dogs. Twelve to fifteen hours per week are spent treating online webinars and participating in video coaching.

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3. School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training LLC

It is located in Harmony, North Carolina. A 6-week course in detection dog training costs $5850. The tuition is $13,775 to become a service dog trainer over 18 weeks. Courses are taken in person.

This state-of-the-art campus of 50+acres is home to students who study hands-on to become K9 police dog trainers. Moreover, those new to the industry may study for as long as 24 weeks. Those already in the field of dog training can take one of the 6-week classes at Highland Canine Training LLC.

4. Catch Canine Trainers Academy

It is located in Little Falls, New Jersey, and gives The Master Class Training, for example, costs $5370 and provides students Certified Dog Trainer status. Moreover, flexible online dog trainer courses are offered at the student’s pace, with instruction generally taking place throughout 6 to a maximum of 18 months.

Combining at-home instruction with on-campus classes is a substantial possibility with the Catch Canine Trainers Academy. Creative curriculum inclusions are varied, from covering dog body language to company management. Mentor coaches are available as part of the course fee.

5. Animal Behavior College

It is located in Valencia, California, and the length of the courses varies from 7 to 21 weeks and fees from $2995 to $9700. Adjustable possibilities are to study on campus or online.

Shelter dogs help from on-campus students who aim to help dogs in need. Moreover, online trainers are checked with shelters in their area, participating in Animal Behavior College’s “Students Saving Lives” campaign. Mentor dog trainers are interested as well.

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6. Royal Dog Academy

It is located in Beverly Hills and Northridge, California, and prices change according to the depth of the course; theoretical dog training costs $2000. Also, $20,000 will provide certification as a police/military/security/ dog trainer professional and has 150 hours of training. Students can train online or at the school.

Students can work on practice hours at the school or at an affiliate school, and there are locations all over the United States. Search and tracking dog trainer, primary obedience trainer, or K9 police trainer are a few jobs to choose from. Moreover, trainees at the Royal Dog Academy can acquire instruction on opening their own dog training school.

7. Top Tier K9

It is located in Madison, Florida, and courses vary in length depending on the level and range from $1650 to $3950. If you choose to train at the campus, living and travel expenses are extra. Courses are even given online.

At Top Tier K9, a variety of interests can be fulfilled. Soon-to-be trainers can study opportunities as pet trainers, service dog trainers, and certified safe catch decoy/helpers. Project management and Business development courses are also available.

8. The Tom Rose School

It is located in High Ridge, Missouri, and the instruction takes place over 15 weeks and costs $13 475. Training is done on-site at the school campus.

The Tom Rose School has extensive training in multiple disciplines. Students must pass testing in AKC agility, distinct odor detection, therapy dog international, and private class instruction. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience await aspiring graduates.

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9. Tarheel Canine Training School

It is located in Sanford, North Carolina. Two-week accelerated courses to 6-month Master courses are offered. Correspondence courses in some topics are as low as $650and a Master trainer course is $15,750. The student-to-teacher ratio at Tarheel Canine is 3:1, and there is the chance to work with dogs of all sizes and breeds. Some dogs come from Europe to be trained as K9 police, bug detection, protection, and more. Also, customers drop off their dog buddies for board and train programs.

10. Karen Pryor Academy

It is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, and class professors are found the world over. The tuition is $5300 for a 6-month program. Modules are taken online, and in-person workshops are required in different states.

Karen Pryor Academy combines online teaching, video instruction, and workshops for a unique experience that ultimately qualifies the student for a career as a dog trainer. The time commitment for online work and training is 10 to 20 hours. Moreover, having a quiet, non-reactive dog to work with is demanded.

Check out these academies when it comes to training dogs. They typically hold different types of certifications, such as the ones listed above, to instruct exceptional puppies and mature dogs that come their way. They work with dogs of every size, age, breed, and ability; local dog trainers.

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