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Some Amazing Dog Trainers You Must Follow on Instagram

Some Amazing Dog Trainers You Must Follow on Instagram

If you have a dog, you have to train it. Else, the dog will face several health issues. Some health complications can get severe that will affect its lifespan. But to find a proper dog trainer is always a challenging task.

Many unethical trainers will not train your beloved dog properly even after charging a lump sum from you to provide training to your beloved dog.

A few trainers choose the easy method of training a dog. Hence, the common method they apply is luring the pet of a food treat. These types of training with food treats cause damage rather than helping the dog keep fit. So, “look before you leap”.

These days, there are few dog trainers available on Instagram. They post videos about how to train your dog effectively. You can watch them and be the trainer of your dog. In such a case, you don’t need to worry if the paid trainer is training your dog efficiently or not.

You can be the master of your pet. You need to follow the proper dog trainers on their Instagram accounts. If you have any queries, you can even contact them on their account and find a solution.

The following table provides you with detailed information on the most popular trainers of dogs whom you can follow on Instagram to ensure a healthy life for your pet.

 Dog Trainers You Must Follow on Instagram

1. @itshenrythebully

This Instagram account is operated by a lady with more than 25k followers. The articles in her account are well-documented. If you read them properly, you will understand why you should not do a few activities with your dog.

She explains the misunderstandings regarding a few tools with proper scientific reasonings to back her claims and research. The other reason that you can follow this account is the magnificent photography.

2. @redbearddogtraining

Haley and Brad are the owners of this Instagram account. They are accomplished dog trainers and love what they have been doing for years. Their center operates from Greensboro, NC. At present, they have more than 8k followers on Instagram.

Their posts are regular. So, you get well-researched content every time. That helps the owners of dogs understand and dissect many myths that run around.

3. @dreamcometruek9

The owner of this Instagram account is Blake Rodriguez. His farm deals in training dogs. It is based out of NYC. He has quite a fan following. At present, his account is followed by more than 19k dog lovers.

The strength of this account is their regular videos. Their videos showcase various tools and methods that deal with dog training. In these videos, Blake discusses the ideal solutions to train four-legged pets that belong to different breeds.

4. @walkingdogtraining

This Instagram account is followed by more than 43k people. Bethany Johnson based out of Orlando, Florida trains dogs and runs this account. The funny part is that she has learned the art of dog training by working on her monster dog.

The infographics uploaded by her regularly provide many essential tips. These tips are practical and useful and help people become trainers themselves. The best part of her tips is that they are easy to follow.

5. @thegoldenmal

The training head of Golden Mal (specialized in training dogs in the SF Bay Area, Chicago, and beyond), Jasmine runs this Instagram account. She deals mainly with dogs employed in services.

However, she does not hesitate to provide training for pet dogs. The best part of her Instagram account is her magnificent pictures that come with big captions loaded with information.

The perspectives that she shares regarding a dog-related subject are explanatory. They help solve many unanswered queries or doubts of dog lovers.

6. @canine_performance

This account is owned by a North Carolina-based trainer Natalie Dobkins. Her Instagram Lives are informative. If you have any dog training queries, you can reach out to her on these Instagram Lives. She replies patiently. She explains the pros and cons of many training methods and tools based on the breeds.

7. @southenddogtraining

The owner of this Instagram handle is Adam Spivey. Adam is based out of Essex, UK. Quite frequently, he holds Q&A sessions on Instagram. The best part of those sessions is that he replies to the questions without using many words.

In summary, he provides solutions to problems without wasting much time. Several dog owners have already been benefitted from his direct replies about how to handle or eliminate some behavioral issues of their beloved dogs.

8. @headtotaildogtraining

Central Oregon-based Melissa runs this Instagram account. She prepares dogs to take part in adventures. The videos or stories she posts regarding the training of adventure dogs are a treat to watch or study. She explains the various techniques that she uses to train those dogs. On Instagram, she organizes virtual sessions from time to time that help the followers learn how to prepare their dogs to accompany them to the campsites.

9. @lanna.and.vex

The lady running this Instagram account is a scientist by profession. She applies her area of studies to analyze dog training studies. She presents the data in a layman’s language so that a novice can train his/her dog using a balanced training methodology.

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