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Rashi Narang Heads up for tails with her pet dog

Pet Products Brand “Heads Up For Tails” Raise $10M In Pre-Series A Funding

A Delhi-based pet care and products startup “Heads Up For Tails” raised $10 Million in Pre-Series A funding round. The investment was made by a group of family offices, HNI’s and some existing promoters. Right now the total funding amount raised by the company stands at $13 Million.

The founder of Heads Up For Tails, Rashi Narang stated that the funding is going to help them strengthen the company’s operations and aid in the expansion plan for the retail and their eCommerce business.

The company founded in 2008 by Rashi Narang, has become widely popular among the people for its unique and quality pet products. Its products range from comfortable and customized dog beds, collars, and leashes to fashionable dog apparel and accessories for pets and pet lovers.

The brand is specifically popular for its unique range of organic grooming products like dog shampoos, conditioners, dry bath shampoo, and food items. These products are manufactured by the company and deliver the utmost quality.

The company currently operates 28 brick and mortar stores across Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. With the new funding, they aim to expand the network to 50 and reach new cities, by the end of 2020.

The founder Rashi Narang confirmed that her company is currently growing at a record of 30 percent year-on-year basis and adds over 1,000 monthly customers on an average. The company is generating over 65 Crores in revenue as of now. The online operations generate not so much but contribute to the total yearly revenue. With the recent funding, they plan to boost their e-commerce game which already has a huge client base of 3.5 Lakh customers.

Pet startups are gaining quite a momentum in India, the niche sector is now valued at $1.22 billion, with an annual growth of over 35 percent. Read more about Pet e-commerce future in India here!

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