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Tuesday , October 27 2020
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Pet Dog Saves Man From Tiger Attack In Madhya Pradesh

There is nothing a dog won’t do for his owner. Recently, a brave pet dog saved his owner from a vicious tiger attack in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh.

It was the morning time when the dog owner named Pancham Gajba, along with his brother and pet dog were returning from a forest near Paraspani village. The tiger startled the brothers by jumping in front of them.

The Divisional Forest Officer, T.S. Suliya said that the tiger jumped out from behind the bushes to attack the duo who were accompanied by their pet dog.

“The tiger stood over me, on my hands, but before it could get at my throat, the dog started barking. I had a near-death experience,” Mr Gajba said.

He added that the tiger got taken aback by the dog’s charge and stood still for a while.

“After my brother and villagers came to my rescue, alerted by the dog’s barking, the tiger rushed back into the jungle (forest),” he said.

T.S. Suliya reported that the owner of the dog was injured in the scuffle with the tiger. There were scratches and cuts on his hands and head. He was given preliminary treatment at a hospital in Kurai.

With tigers getting this close to human habitation, the forest officials have cordoned off the forest area and have advised the people of nearby villages to not venture into the forest or cut in through the forest area.

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