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Friday , August 7 2020
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Pet licence mandatory in Ghaziabad

Pay INR 5000 For A Pet License If You Want To Own A Pet Dog In Ghaziabad

Are you a resident of Ghaziabad? Looking to get a pet dog or already have one? You need to get a license now!

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation now wants pet dog owners and probable pet down owners to get a license to keep a pet. The license costs INR 5,000. Whether you already own a pet dog or planning to buy one, you need to have a license to keep the dog in your home.

What’s more?

The Ghaziabad MC has not only imposed a license fee for keeping pets. There are hefty fines to be imposed if pet dogs are found defecating in parks or on roads and the owners not cleaning it up. The owner will have to pay a fine of INR 500. The repeat fines will go up!

The Mayor of Ghaziabad, Asha Sharma stated that there have been many complaints filed to control the menace of dogs, especially menace due to unleashed or untrained pet dogs in parks and roads. The people want to maintain cleanliness and believe pet owners don’t clean up behind their dogs. To ensure accountability, every pet owner has to get a license worth INR 5000 to own a dog and has to pay fines if they don’t maintain the cleanliness in the parks and roads.

The civic authority is also planning to keep a check on all pet dogs and whether they get properly vaccinated to prevent rabies. There also have been many cases reported regarding pet abuse in the past in Ghaziabad. With the new license and registration, any reported case can be tried in court as the owner will be held accountable.

The authorities also expect some resentment among the people regarding the new law. However, they believe that it has become a necessity and people need to be held accountable.

Gurpreet Kaur, who is a resident of Ghaziabad said that the decision of the MC will make it difficult for low-income families to own a dog. According to her, the amount should be reduced. While she agreed with the fines regarding defecation in open spaces, she also stated her concern that setting such a high price for getting a license would drive the dog adopters away.

Nearby cities like Delhi and Gurugram have already started giving licenses to pet owners. The registration fee is INR 500 only!

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