Noida Resident Faces Police Charges Following Stray Dog's
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Noida Resident Faces Police Charges Following Stray Dog's Mauling by His Pet Canine
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Noida Resident Faces Police Charges Following Stray Dog’s Mauling by His Pet Canine

In Noida, India, a resident has faced legal action and a fine of ₹10,000 after a video went viral on social media showing his Dogo Argentino attacking a stray dog. The owner has been charged with negligence regarding the treatment of an animal. Noida authorities hold pet owners entirely accountable if their pets cause harm to others.

The Noida police took action on Monday following the widespread sharing of a video on social media depicting a Dogo Argentino, a white dog of that breed, aggressively attacking a stray dog in Sector 53. In the video, the unleashed Dogo Argentino is seen biting into the neck of the stray dog despite efforts by a man to intervene by using water and a leash. The distressed stray dog was whimpering while the Argentino showed no sign of releasing its grip. It’s worth noting that HT could not independently verify the video’s authenticity.

In response to the video, Noida police registered a case against the pet owner, a resident of Gijhore village in Noida, under Section 289 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with negligent conduct concerning animals. Shakti Avasthy, additional deputy commissioner of police in Noida, stated that although no formal complaint was received, an FIR was filed at the Sector 24 police station on Monday, taking action based on the viral video. The pet owner, identified as Narendra Sharma, was taken into police custody on Monday afternoon.

According to Amit Kumar, station house officer of Sector 24 police station, the owner explained that he had taken his dog for a walk in the evening, and the incident occurred when his dog became entangled in the gate upon returning home. As a result, he had to release the leash, and his pet then ran onto the street and attacked a stray dog.

The Noida authority’s dog policy places full responsibility on pet owners if their animals cause harm to other animals or humans. Consequently, in response to the video, the pet owner will be fined ₹10,000 by the Noida authority, as confirmed by RK Sharma, senior manager of the Noida authority.

According to a resident, after the stray dog was bitten, it was not seen in the sector anymore. Sanjay Mahapatra, an animal welfare activist based in Noida, attributed the incident to the owner’s negligence. He emphasized that Dogo Argentinos are known for their aggressiveness and can be sold for ₹50,000; thus, pet owners should exercise strict responsibility when raising such breeds. Mahapatra, the founder of the House of Stray Animals dispensary in Sector 54, advocated for the pet owner to be penalized for the actions of his pet.

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