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Neighbor Killed For Shooing A Pet Stray Dog | Chandigarh Dog News

In a bizarre incident, three people including a woman have been arrested by the Mauli Jagran police on charges of culpable homicide but not amounting to murder.

The trio has been accused of killing their 67-year-old neighbor as he shooed away their pet stray dog from his house.

The deceased old man’s neighbors had openly objected his behavior of shooing the dog. A heated argument broke between the neighbors and the old man, during which the old man was pushed. It is alleged that the old man died after falling to the ground. The actual reason of death hasn’t been identified yet.

There has not been any information released by the police whether a post-mortem will be done to identify the actual cause of death. Due to the age of the deceased and existing health conditions, the police has only charged the trio for a culpable homicide that doesn’t amount to murder.

Case Registered

The official complaint has been registered by the son of the deceased. He alleged that these neighbors had a big quarrel with his father regarding the dog shooing and they pushed him hard enough to fall to the ground due to which he died.

The trio was produced before a local court yesterday where there were remanded in judicial custody.

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