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Wednesday , May 12 2021
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How to make it Easier for You & Your Dog?

Moving Guide: How to make it Easier for You & Your Dog?

Shifting to a new place is stressful for you. But it’ll be harder for your dog, both physically and mentally, as they can’t express their feelings, and they may feel hypersensitive when shifting to a new environment.

You should give undivided attention to your dog while shifting to a brand-new place. Preferably, take advice from experts like packers & movers who have experience in transporting pets and making necessary arrangements to ensure their safety.

Speaking to dog owners will also help you get some helpful tips on how to train and get your dog used to the moving situation. This way, you can make sure your dog feels less over whelmed during the careful pet moving process.

Tips to Help Your Dog have a Safe & Easy Move

Train Your Dog to get used to the Carrier

To help your dog feel comfortable with its carrier, make sure to display it in your dog’s room. Keep the door open and place a cosy bed inside;also, try to tuck some treats inside the carrier, until he feels safe inside it.

You can also use their food plate as bait to induce them into the carrier. Start with ease, by placing their bowl right next to the opening of the carrier door; as the days pass by, keep pushing it more and more within the carrier until your dog becomes comfortable to eat inside the carrier itself.

It’s also a good idea to confine your dog to his/her room if you think that they may try to hide in the packing boxes. Strictly continue his regular schedule for nutrition, play time, and daily walks so that he is not nervous or stressed on the final day of shifting.

Preparing for Moving Day

On shifting days, keep your dog’s daily routine as stable and consistent as possible. Make sure to give a small portion of the meal to your dog to avoid unwanted indigestion. Before any packers movers arrive at your home, make sure to lock the dog in the room with toys, water bowl, and carrier, so that they don’t disturb the movers or get hurt while your belongings are being packed & loaded.

Once the packing is complete, try to calm your dog by talking to him or playing with him for a while. A frightened dog may attempt to escape.

Training Your Dog at the New Place

First of all, as soon as you reach the new place,your dog should be the first thing you tend to before unloading, so take him straight to an area which will be the quietest. Inspect the rest of your house carefully before unpacking;pull out all electrical wires& connections where your dog might get caught.

Keep your dog in his room for the first few days in your new home. This way, it’ll allow him/her to gradually get accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of the new place without feeling overwhelmed or distressed. Ensure you spend some time along with your dog in their room, encourage them to play and comfort them with treats.

Once the unpacking is complete and your house is set up, gradually give your dog the liberty to explore the surroundings. In no time, they’ll love exploring and playing in their new house!

Contact Pet Care

Once your dog is comfortable in your new home, it should be time for your furry friend to get their annual round of vaccinations and preventives; so that he remains healthy. So, make sure to fix an appointment with your vet right away and get your dog checked.


You can also choose to reduce your tension by hiring experienced packers and movers who can advise well on how to manage the entire process of shifting, and provide necessary tips to help you train & prepare your dog one week before shifting. Nowadays, relocation companies provide special care for pets and facilities like pet carriers, collar tags with name and address, first aid, and necessary transport arrangements.

Thus, you can be rest assured to have a hassle-free shifting with full services for Packing, Moving and Unloading the goods, so that you get enough time to spend with your dog. So, research and plan well before you decide to hire good packers and movers and have a safe & smooth shifting with your dog.

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