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Man In Haridwar Poisons 3 Leopards For Killing His Pet Dog

A man in Haridwar poisoned and killed three leopards in the Rajaji National Park in revenge over the death of one of his two pet dogs.

According to a report by TOI, the accused, Sukhpal, has confessed to the crime and said that he was angered after leopards took away one of his pups and grievously injured another.

Sukhpal arranged for some insecticides and sprinkled copious amounts on the carcass of the deceased dog. He later threw away the dog’s body inside the forest. Forensic experts have said that post-mortem of the leopards has shown that the three leopards consumed the meat of the dog and died due to poisoning.

On August 5, the carcasses of the three leopards were recovered from different divisions of the Rajaji National Park. All three leopards had poisoned body parts of the same dog inside their stomach.

According to the report, investigators later found that the leopards were poisoned with insecticides used by forest nurseries. They then found out that Sukhpal’s wife works as a contractual worker in a forest nursery.

The officers connected the dots and held Sukhpal when he confessed to the crime.

Sukhpal told police that he emptied an entire bottle of the pesticide and it was in such strong doses that all three leopards died after feasting on the little pup.

Sukhpal was produced before a court and has been given 12 days of judicial remand.

The leopards were spotted at Laldhang range of Lansdowne forest division, which is considered the meeting point of RTR’s Rawasan range, Chidiyapur range of Haridwar forest division and Landhang range.

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