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Thursday , October 22 2020
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Invisible Challenge For Dogs Go Viral On Twitter

You must have seen the bottle cap challenge going viral over the last week, here is another challenge that is getting quite popular among dog owners. It is called the ‘Invisible Challenge,’ and it surely is an adorable one. Twitter is going gaga over these cute dogs trying to figure out this challenge.

The challenge became an overnight sensation with numerous Twitter users uploading videos of their dogs trying to figure out how to get over a transparent cellophane sheet in front of them.

These cute dog videos are winning hearts of everyone around the world. These adorable dogs try really hard to win over the transparent cellophane sheets so that they can follow their owners.

The challenge includes the dog owners to jump over the cellophane sheets as the dog follows them and try to jump over the sheet as well. The challenge is completed if the dog manages to jump over the transparent sheet. Some of these dogs look so confused and adorable, check it out.

Some clever owners try to bribe their dogs and call them, but it isn’t easy for these dogs to figure out how to cross the invisible gate. Here’s the cheeky one!

The cute ones who made the jump!

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