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dog centre in Panchkula

India’s First Rehabilitation Centre For Dogs In Panchkula

Latest Modified on: March 10th, 2021

India’s first rehabilitation centre for dogs is going to be located at Sukhdarshanpur village in Panchkula district.

As per the Municipal Corporation commissioner, Rajesh Jogpal, it will be the first centre for dogs in the country that will be designed according to International rehabilitation centres for animals.

Dog centre

The centre will be developed on 4.5 acres area. The tender for it’s construction have already been floated and work allotted. As per the MC commissioner, the centre will be ready by the end of March 2019. It will have kennel houses for 1,000 dogs, including a hostel for pet dogs. The hostel will be for 72 dogs. The centre will also have a pet park on the lines of ones abroad.

Jogpal said, “Such dog facilities are very common abroad, but in India, we lack them. This facility hostel and training — will be both for stray and pet dogs.”

The centre will also include a double-story administrative block and staff rooms. The centre will help to tackle stray dog menace as well. They are also taking steps for pet dog registration, he said.

Recently, MC  initiated few steps to hold residents responsible for allowing their pet dogs to defecate in open spaces.

  • It has started imposing penalties every time a pet owner is found allowing dogs to poop in open areas such as roads, parks, and footpaths.
  • Rs.500  fine for the first time and the amount increases if there are repeated violations.

dog centre

Reference: The Times Of India

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