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Tuesday , January 25 2022
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How To Stop Dogs From Eating Dirt?

Dogs eat dirt for lots of reasons; some are extremely minor while some are quite serious. In case your pooch eats dirt once in a while, it is nothing to get stressed over.

He might be trying to find or eat something that is buried underneath the dirt! On the off chance, your canine starts to show up with dirt all over his mouth on a daily basis, then there is a problem.

It could be an indication of a serious issue. You need to start observing your puppy’s behavior closely and monitor his movements.

It is imperative to figure out why your pooch is engaging in such an activity or what is causing him to eat dirt. Here are things that you need to figure out and quickly:

Determine why your dog is eating dirt?


Eating soil is a type of eating disorder known as pica. Every now and again, pica is brought on by a mineral insufficiency in your canine’s eating routine or from a parasite infestation.

In some cases, eating soil might be an indication of fatigue in dogs. This is particularly valid in the case of puppies and youthful dogs. A puppy might also eat soil to ease intestinal pain.

Consider when the dirt-eating began:

Were there any changes in the pooch’s eating routine, level of activity, or environment? Does the canine demonstrate other uncommon indications or practices that may clarify the issue? In case you have more than one canine, find out if all of them are engaging in dirt-eating.

In case they are, it means that there is an inadequacy in their eating routine. If you notice all animals eating dirt from the same area, it means that there is something tasty or delicious about that soil region that is attracting the dogs. Testing that soil can give you some clear indication!

Check your puppy’s gums:

Eating dirt may be an indication of iron deficiency (anemia) brought on by dietary inadequacies or parasites. In the event that the puppy’s gums are pale or embittered, take him to the vet immediately for further diagnosis and treatment.

Think about your dog’s diet: 

Provide food to your dog which is nutritious, healthy, and tasty to your dog. Talk to your vet about the type of mineral supplements that would be beneficial to your dog. A dog might start eating dirt out of hunger. Do not reduce your dog’s diet before consulting your vet. Consider providing low-calorie foods that will make them feel full.

How to prevent your dog from eating dirt?

Dog eating dirt2

Entertain your dog:

Increase the amount of attention you give your puppy, and give him lots of new and fascinating toys to play with. Take your canine on long walks and play more with them. Also, remember that a well-fed and exercised pooch is less inclined to eat dirt.

Try changing your dog’s food:

If you find that your canine’s daily food is lacking minerals then go for another brand of dog food. There are numerous dog foods available in the market.

You can consult your vet to guide you in buying the best product. Don’t go for the cheap products, remember that premium brands offer better nutrition and are more easily digestible.

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If your dog eats from a specific area, then try to keep them away from that spot:

This is a sign that your canine is tempted to eat something particular in that soil region and not the soil itself. Try to keep him away from that spot and get the soil tested to find out what’s causing him to eat from that area.

Manage your dog when outside:

Walk your pooch on a leash and watch out for any dirt-eating tendency. Scold them once with a high tone of your voice to make it clear to them that they are not supposed to engage in this kind of activity.

You can also try the distraction technique by offering them a treat if they leave the dirt. Try giving them treats with different flavors like cayenne pepper, hot sauce, etc.

Keep potted houseplants out of their reach:

If your dog eats the dirt from potted houseplants then keep the pots away from their reach. You can also try spraying them with a taste deterrent.

If you still find your dog approaching the plant then command them firmly to ‘sit.’ If they follow your command, reward them with a treat to reinforce the positive behavior.

Keep your dog indoors:

In case you are unable to direct your canine’s actions when you are outside or can’t inspire them to quit eating dirt then consider keeping them indoors for a few days.

Also, keep all the potted plants out of your dog’s reach. We would suggest talking to a dog trainer to help you manage your canine’s actions when outside.

Consult with a dog trainer or behavior specialist:

If your vet finds nothing wrong with your canine physically and none of the home cures seem to make an impact then hire an accomplished coach or animal behavioral specialist to assist you.

You can approach your vet for suggestions or call your neighborhood pet store. A local search on the internet could also help you find a dog professional.

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