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Sunday , August 14 2022
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How To Help A Stray Pet

How To Help A Stray Dog?

If one day you ever find a stray dog or cat on the street, scared and confused, hungry and cold, please consider helping it, even if you are not an animal lover. Often it happens that a pet gets loose and wanders off far from its home.

This article is intended to help you guide on how to help lost or stray pets.

First, you should keep in handy the following items. If you don’t have them, make sure to buy from the nearest store available and return them immediately:

A bowl for giving fresh, clean water

Two units of wet food for dogs and cats like canned tuna, or any strong-smelling food edible for dogs and cats, attract them. (remember that human food is not for animals)

  • Warm blanket / any blanket
  • Gloves
  • A cardboard box or cat carrier, if it is a cat
  • A strong leash and collar in case of a dog
  • Animal first aid kit

Step 1: Carefully Approach The Pet:

Carefully approach the pet

Pets are used to the comfort of their homes; they have never wandered the busy streets. So, when you see a stray pet on the road or at the side, slow down your car and stop a little distance from them. They are so scared that even loudly closing the car door might panic them.

Before approaching, observe if they are hurt or not. An injured animal will possibly try to bite if they feel scared. Be gentle and calm, and approach them very slowly. Speak to them in a soft and low voice.

Stretch out your hand with the wet food so that they don’t get scared. If they are on the road, lure them to the side with the food. Then, place the wet food slowly on the ground and back up.

Once they start eating, give them a bowl of fresh water. Then, gently introduce your touch to them by very slowly touching their forehead or the back of their ears.

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Step 2: Take Them With You

Take them with you

If you are sure, you can help a stray pet on your own, guard the pet, give them some wet food and water, and call the animal rescue team nearby.

If it is a stray cat, place a little wet food inside the cat carrier or the cardboard box. When the cat gets in, lock the door and let it eat peacefully before taking the carrier with you.

If a stray dog is not injured, gain its trust by giving them food and water. If you find the dog calm, pet him on the head. Then, put the collar and leash around his neck. You can either place small bits of food until it reaches inside your car, or try walking him if you don’t have a car.

Step 3: Identify And Find The Owner

Identify and find the owner

It takes a few minutes to scan whether the lost dog has a microchip inserted or not. If found, contact the owner immediately.

If there is no owner information in the collar or no microchip, inform the nearest shelter because that is where people look for their lost pets.

It is better to take a print of the pet’s picture, entitle “Pet Found,” with the contact information, and distribute the fliers in your society as well as the neighboring society.

As the temporary owner of the lost pet, you must take care of the pet.

If no one comes to claim the lost pet, you can keep it as yours if interested. If not possible, you can arrange for a re-home or search for a new owner.

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