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How Do You Deworm for Dogs and Puppies?

How Do You Deworm for Dogs and Puppies?

While your dogs are playing outdoors, parasite problems will always occur frequently. In addition to vaccinating your dog regularly, you’d better not forget to deworm it regularly.

Deworming is more troublesome than vaccination, but the owner should not ignore this step because of trouble, which may bring serious consequences to the dog.

In order to avoid the recurrence of such problems, how to deworm dogs and puppies correctly? This article mainly introduces how to deworm the dog and the choice of various deworming drugs, hoping to be helpful to every dog owner.

Dog Worming Treatment

Deworming in Vivo

Due to the small intestinal cavity of dogs (especially worming puppies), parasites such as roundworms are relatively large in number and large individuals. They are parasitic in the dog’s body, which can easily cause diarrhea, weight loss, and even vomiting.

There will be insect eggs in the feces, which seriously affects the dog’s health. Regular deworming and immunization can effectively kill roundworms, hookworms, pinworms, and other parasitic eggs in dogs. Therefore, as a responsible pet owner, you must deworm your dogs and puppies regularly.

Insects in the dog’s body are manifested as loss of appetite, long eyes, dry nose, etc. For example, Chihuahuas are prone to diarrhea after 2 to 3 months. It is not because of eating salty, but suffering from parasitic enteritis, usually caused by roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms.

The more common oral worming tablets include health-care oral worming tablets, Kangda broad-spectrum dog worming tablets, etc. The worming tablets of each brand are differentiated according to the size of the dog, which requires the dog owner to choose according to the actual situation of the dog. Or the owner can go directly to the pet hospital to bug the dog.

There may be more than one kind of parasite in the dog’s body, so it is especially important to observe the stool when taking worm medicine. It’s a good choice to pay careful attention to whether there are any suspected bugs in the stool. Some worms were beaten to pieces, and the owner would not be able to see them if they did not look carefully.

Dog worming is usually divided into 3 to 4 times, with time interval limitation, you had better not use dog worming tablets casually. What every owner ought to remember is that you should follow the doctor’s advice, or strictly follow the instructions for dog worming tablets.

Generally, it’s proper to start from the day of taking dog worming tablets. You can take a bath after 6 days. After that, you ought to let him drink as much water as possible. Don’t eat greasy food, otherwise, it will affect the insect repellent effect of dog worming tablets.

In Vitro Deworming

Deworming in the body is not all good, and ectoparasites threaten the dog’s health at all times. Therefore, deworming the dog must be done internally and externally. Most of the infection of ectoparasites occurs when going out to play.

Compared with domestic cats, dogs have a larger range of activities and are more likely to infect ectoparasites such as fleas, lice, and scabies. Every day when going out to solve the problem of urination and defecation, they will rub back and forth in the grass, which gives dogs more opportunities to come into contact with parasites and parasite eggs.

Once there are ectoparasites, the dog will become frail, sickly, manic, and even anemia. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to the following points in peacetime.

If your dog is playing on the grass all day, it’s necessary to be sure to wash his limbs after returning home. If it’s a puppy, the belly can’t be let go, and it must be cleaned. The owner should regularly bathe it with lice and fleas-free baths. You’d better not let the dog go to play in wet grass or mud. It is best for the owner to strengthen supervision and train the dog not to pick up food on the ground or pick up toys such as branches.

Dewormer for Puppies

Deworming for External Use

At this stage, there is no dewormer for puppies that can completely eliminate all parasites in dogs, so a reasonable deworming program can better protect dogs from being infected by parasites. Different worm medicine for dogs has different mechanisms of action.

At present, most of the external dewormers for puppies on the market, some use parasites to bite the dog’s skin or suck the dog’s blood, and then the drug acts on the parasites, and some use the smell to dispel the parasites directly, so basically, all the external dewormers for puppies The ingredients are toxic to a certain extent, and they cannot be licked by dogs, nor can they be administered artificially.

Deworming for Internal Use

Internal dewormer for puppies mainly interferes with the nervous system of the worm body or affects its energy intake, so as to play a deworming effect. Different worm medicine for dogs targets different types of parasites.

Therefore, choosing the right dog worming tablets and making regular changes to the plan can better achieve the deworming effect. Although the effect of dog worming tablets is significant, the owner must not take worming tablets externally or internally. This has a great impact on the dog’s body.

How to Choose Dewormer for Puppies?

Super Credibility for Worming Puppies

The current main promotion of dewormer for puppies, both internal and external. Dog worming tablets are not cheap, but they indeed have a wide range of killing. Moreover, dog worming tablets are absorbed by oral means, which are relatively safe and do not affect bathing.

Love Walker for Worming Puppies

An insect repellent that can kill Demodex mites, works by applying the skin.

Big Pet for Worming Puppies

It is safer in the current external dewormer for puppies and has a significant effect on ear mites. It can be used for younger dogs, and it is also effective by applying the skin.

Flynn and Kenford: Both have good effects on repelling fleas, and Flynn also has a certain effect on repelling ticks.

In addition to dewormer for puppies, there are many kinds of insect repellent products on the market, such as insect repellent collars. If the collar you buy is not made by a regular manufacturer, both the dog and you must endure the pungent smell.

Other common dewormers for puppies for external use include the Flynn series, pet soap, etc. It is very convenient to operate according to the instructions of worming tablets.

Precautions for Deworming

First, owners should watch out for ticks! You can bring your own dimethyl ether medicine at home. Once your pet is bitten by a tick, you can use dimethyl ether to soak the wound with water to disinfect the wound and kill other bacteria.

Take it to the pet hospital for professional treatment as soon as possible. The tick may carry infectious pathogens. The owner must not crush it with bare hands or pull it off by pulling it. The more you pull it, the more it gets into your body. Once the owner is bitten, he should also seek medical attention immediately.

Second, after some parasites are infected, dogs are asymptomatic. For example, summer is the season of the high incidence of ticks. Ticks will suck the dog’s blood and spread hundreds of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other pathogens.

At the same time, a tick bite will release anesthetic substances, causing the dog to have no obvious performance. If you suspect a tick infection, you must not remove it by pulling it out and take it to a nearby hospital for disposal. If you pull out the worm’s body directly, the head will stay in the dog’s body, causing local inflammation and ulceration.

Let’s focus on several dog worming tablets that need to be paid attention to (the ones introduced here are all conventional medicines, and a list of the effects of common worm medicine for dogs is compiled for parents later). Visit Doghabitat for more Tips.

Can Dog Parasites be Transmitted to People?

Generally speaking, parasites on dogs and parasites on humans are not exactly the same, so many parasites live leisurely on dogs, but they cannot be parasitic on humans. Although not all parasites can be transmitted to humans, there are indeed some parasites that are common to humans and dogs, such as tapeworms and toxoplasma. Therefore, the owner must not take parasites lightly. It’s best not to let the dog lick or kiss on itself. You’d better not share bowls and cups with pets.

Can Pregnant Female Dogs be Dewormed?

Pregnant female dogs may also be infected with various internal parasites, and some parasites can be transmitted to the puppies through the mother’s body or milk, causing the puppies to appear stunted. When the bitch cleans the anus of the puppy, it may be re-infected by the eggs discharged with the puppy’s feces, causing a vicious circle.

Therefore, it is necessary to deworm the pregnant female dog. In view of the special period of the pregnant female dog, the dewormer for puppies needs to be used under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Is it normal to vomit after eating dewormer for puppies?

Some dogs will vomit out because they don’t like the smell of medicine. You can put the dewormer for puppies in the food the dog likes to eat. Or when feeding worming tablets, push the dewormer for puppies to the throat position, pinch the mouth, and it will swallow it by itself.

Don’t break it. Breaking the worming tablets will not be effective. If it is because of worms in the body, the dog will have an upset stomach and vomiting is normal. You’d better pay more attention to its state and food hygiene. It should be light, drink plenty of water, and refrain from eating bones and other dirty things.

Does Deworming Require Long-Term Persistence?

Parasites that can infect dogs are mainly divided into two types, outside (such as ticks and scabies) and inside (such as roundworms and tapeworms). At present, the potency of most anthelmintics (that is, the protection period of efficacy) is one month.

If the protection period of efficacy is exceeded, the probability of a dog being infected with parasites will be significantly increased. Therefore, owners are advised to deworm their fur children once a month regardless of the season.

In addition, the focus of deworming is prevention. Just like the immunity of infectious diseases, do not wait for the dog to be infected with parasites before treatment. This can reduce the dog’s suffering and the parents’ energy expenditure. The current commercial anthelmintics are relatively simple and easy to learn, and parents can use it at home.

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