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Home remedies to help your dog following surgery

Home remedies to help your dog following surgery

There can be situations in a dog’s life when surgery becomes inevitable. It is a possibility that you cant avoid. It means that your baby would have to deal with a toxic load comprising various anesthetic agents and drugs. Apart from that, the abrupt physical shock on their bodies of being invaded by the surgeon. But, the intention behind every surgery is a good one.

However, it is an inherently violent activity. As a pet parent, if you are more intent on caring for your little one harmoniously and holistically, this can be rather hard to accept. The good thing is that there are ways in which you can holistically care for your dog and support them through the different stages of the process.

Things to do as soon as an injury happens 

No matter what the emergency is, the first thing that you need to do is take care of yourself – get a grip. Just remember to relax. Take a deep breath if it helps you deal better with the situation. You have to be careful as well. If your baby is hurt seriously, do not grab them immediately.

There is a chance that you could get bitten. You can try Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence blend. It has a strong calming effect on your baby in these situations. Start administering a few drops of the same on yourself at a gap of 5 to 15 minutes to keep you calm.

Remember calmer you can be, the better it would be for you to make critical decisions. Give the drops to your dog. You do not have to administer straight into their mouth. You can apply them to any part of their body other than the affected part.

The thing with Rescue Remedy is that it helps people deal with the shock that they get from acute trauma. It can be the difference between death and life in these cases. Arnica Montana, a homeopathic medicine, is also a great option that you can use in these cases where you have bruising and physical trauma.

Start administering the same almost after the accident happens. If it is a cause of trauma, you should administer the medicine in high potencies between 1M and 10M.

What to do at the veterinary hospital?

You can be sure that it would be an intense situation over there as well. So, you have to be calm to make critical decisions properly. Once again, you have to keep taking Rescue Remedy in such a state. Make sure you ask all the questions you have in your mind.

You can always ask the vet to keep administering Arnica Montana or Rescue Remedy to your dog in this situation. When using the former, you need to use dosages between 6C and 30C.

Some homeopaths would tell you not to use Arnica during surgery since it might interfere with the anesthetic. However, there would be doctors who would tell you they have used it. Thus, you never faced any issues. There is a distinct possibility that your vet would not want to use Arnica during a surgical procedure.

At such a point, you have to let things go. Conflict at that stage would be counter-productive. After all, you would have to help the vet do what they are doing to the best of their capabilities.

In such critical situations, they must be allowed to work the way they know best. After all, it is the question of your baby’s life. However, after the surgery is over, you can visit your dog at the hospital where she is recuperating and administer the medicine yourself.

Remember that you can do this because it is your right. Healing energy is also helpful in these cases. So, if you know a proficient energy healer, you can ask them to support your baby through the surgery.

How to take care after surgery?

There are several holistic remedies. Therefore, you can try those immediately after the surgery to help with their process of getting better from any rigorous process. If you want to use homeopathic remedies, you can try Arnica montana for bruising and trauma, Ruta graveolens for strains and sprains, Hypericum perforatum for nerve damage and crushing injuries, and Ledum to treat puncture wounds.

It is always better to go with a dosage of 30C for such home treatments. Among Flower Essences, Rescue Remedy is an effective option for emotional trauma and shock.

It would be even better to get a specialized blend created by a homeopathic practitioner. You can administer it on many occasions throughout the day. You can also use energy healing in these cases and pair it with craniosacral work in these cases if you wish to.

This way, you can help your baby get a sense of balance back in their bodies even as they deal with the emotional trauma that they have experienced throughout the entire process of injury, hospitalization, and surgery. You can start doing bodywork such as massages after the stitches come off.

It would help release tension rooted in the deeper parts of their body. It would be helpful when it comes to dealing with any lingering trauma they may be experiencing because of the injury and the surgery. However, remember to do this as gently as you and continue this till three months after the surgery.

If your dog was administered antibiotics at any stage of the surgical process, it is significant to administer any probiotic of the highest quality. It has to be done a couple of times daily for a few weeks.

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