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Thursday , July 2 2020
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Gurgaon Cocker Spaniel India’s First Dog Gets a Pacemaker

Khushi, a 7-year-old, gentle, light gold-colored cocker spaniel has become the first dog in India to have a customized pacemaker to regulate her heartbeat and give her a new lease of life.

Previously, her heart was functioning at just 4% of its capacity. The pacemaker was installed after around a 2-hour surgery at Max Vets Hospital, Greater Kailash 1, by its interventional cardiology team for small animals, Dr. Bhanu Dev Sharma and Dr. Kunal Dev Sharma.

Since this type of surgery was being for the first time in India, a lot of planning and preparation was put into place. Vets in India and abroad were consulted and the pediatric pacemaker was imported. The dog owner named Bulbul Kumar and her son Manu said that it was a tough call for the doctors but they took it.

Khushi has two buddies at home, named Hassi (a black cocker spaniel), and Sunheri (a white and brown Siberian Husky). Last year, on December 15, with several vets and even a representative from the National Institute for Heart looking on, Khushi got her pacemaker.

Now Khushi has become a success story for India’s dog cardiology history. She is doing perfectly fine now and living happily in her Gurgaon home.


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