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Thursday , July 9 2020
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Dogs Are The Silent Warriors Of Indian Army

Dogs are not just a man’s best friend but also can turn into hearty warriors and protectors when needed and that is exactly what our dogs do, said Colonel Raman Joshi, Commanding Officer of the 24 Army Dog unit on Wednesday.

“These are special silent warriors of the Indian Army. In the very active Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, they are the eyes and ears of many Army units, serving at LOC and even in the hinterland. They have saved many lives and have continued to be effective in situations where the humans fail,” Raman said talking to ANI here.

He asserted that the dogs are selected at a very young age and receive specialized training to become efficient in the job they have to carry out in the Army.

“The dogs are selected from the centre after checking for their breed and intelligence. After undergoing a basic obedience test, where they learn discipline and then are sent to an individual technical training centre where they specialize in the trade they are meant to work in. Infantry patrol dogs, mine detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, explosive detection dogs and guard dogs are selected based on their drives, their intelligence and capabilities,” he said.

“A proper routine is followed every day, which encompasses a well-balanced diet, regular medical checkups, vaccinations and exercise. At the LoC, these dogs are an extra layer of protection which keeps the enemy and terrorists at bay. During many encounters and search operations in the border areas and in Kashmir, these dogs have successfully tracked the militants and explosives planted by terrorists thus saving many lives,” he added.

“The Silent Warriors” as the Army dog unit is fondly called have indeed proven to be an asset for the security forces. They are truly the warriors India needs to stay safe.

Source: ANI

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