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Tuesday , October 27 2020
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Dog Sterilisation Resumes after a Year in Chandigarh

The municipal corporation (MC) has got sterilisation of stray dogs resumed after a gap of one year, allotting the work to the successful bidder for a year following the tender process.

The civic body will pay Rs 870 per dog to the bidder the last time the fee was Rs 1,079. The charges include catching the dog, sterilisation, post-operative care, feeding.

The civic body would only provide one vehicle for catching stray dogs from different parts of the city. The bidder would employ people and related technical and support staff for the exercise as per requirement but according to the norms laid down in the tender.

“The contract for the work had finished in September 2019. We called multiple tenders but failed to get a successful bidder. When we advertised for the fourth time, we got four bidders and decided the one who quoted the lowest amount. A file was sent to the senior officers for approval, which came last week,” an official said.

Sources in the MC said the coronavirus pandemic delayed the project. “It was very difficult to initiate paper work and other things due to Covid-19. Moreover, file movement of various works, except crucial ones, had remained slow,” sources said.

Source: Times Of India

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