Dog Playfully Engages with Cat in Viral Video
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Dog Playfully Engages with Cat in Viral Video

Dog Playfully Engages with Cat in Viral Video – Watch the Adorable Ending!

In a new viral video, the cat sits patiently until the dog playfully bites its ear.

The dog and cat video has gone viral on social media and left people with a smile. The video shows the cat getting pets from its humans and its furry friend. However, the pup did something that annoyed the cat. And then you can see it expressing displeasure with a ‘meow.’

The video was shared by the handle @buitengebieden on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the caption, “Dog petting a cat.”

The video opens to show a cat and dog sitting together. The feline’s human is giving it back rubs. The dog copies its human, and it, too, starts to give pets to the feline. However, things take a turn when the dog playfully tries to bite the cat’s ear. The cat lets out a loud ‘meow’ and expresses its displeasure.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared on September 2. It has so far accumulated nine million views, with an increasing number. Many users even took to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted in the comment section:

“The cat was like yo! What exactly is your plan though?” posted an X user.

Another added, “The cat was like, bruh I don’t need you to pet me.”

“My dog likes to do this to his four cat furriends!” shared a third.

A fourth commented, “‘Ok ok ok enough already’,” echoing the sentiments of the cat.

“The petting got kinda rough,” remarked a fifth.

A sixth wrote, “Cat was cool till the teeth came out!”

What are your thoughts on this video of a cat and a dog?

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