Dog Mauled To Death In Brisbane, Australia
Saturday , January 22 2022
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Dog Mauled To Death In Brisbane, Australia

Dog Mauled To Death In Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia: The attack appeared out of nowhere in an average residential garden in Brisbane’s east.

Last Monday, Jeff Chandler and his wife Vicki stayed at their daughter’s home in Tingalpa, watching her two dogs and their own poodle cross Shih Tzu, Teddy.

It was early morning, around 8 a.m., and the dogs had just been let out into the garden.

What followed were several horrific, horror-filled minutes that left the couple traumatized and Teddy, their beloved pet of eight years, bleeding out with lethal injuries.

Mr. Chandler explained that it all started when the dog next door, an American Staffordshire terrier, began barking through the wire fence.

Jeff Chandler was injured trying to save his dog.

“We didn’t pay much attention to the barking, but the next thing I saw was a head, and then a body come over the fence. The dog just launched itself at my dog. I picked our dog up, but it was too late. Within seconds it just lock-jawed around our dog. It was brutal. I was trying to wrestle this dog as it ripped my dog apart. It was like being attacked by a lion or something. It was that powerful.”

Security camera footage showed Mr. Chandler rushing atop the American Staffordshire terrier and snatching Teddy into his arms.

Mrs. Chandler can be heard crying, then saying, “You killed our dog!”

Her spouse stated that they tried everything to avert the attack.

“I was striking it in the head and slamming it with a broom,” he explained.

The couple raced to the vehicle to take Teddy to the vet, informing the owners of the American Staffordshire terrier what had happened on the way out.

Teddy died just as the couple arrived at the veterinarian’s office. After the attack, Mr. Chandler was left with significant gashes on his hands that required stitches. His daughter’s other two canines escaped unscathed.

Councillor Kim Marx, chair of Brisbane City Council’s city standards civic cabinet, said that officers had confiscated the dog involved in the attack. The council was currently investigating the event.

Source: 9news

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