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Sunday , September 20 2020
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dog eating gol gappas

Dog Loves Eating Pani Puri | Viral Video

Do you like Indian street food known as Gol Gappa? This food item goes by many names across India, from “pani puri” in Mumbai to “Puchhka” in Kolkata. The recipe is quite simple. A hollow crispy puri is filled with potatoes, chick peas and dipped in tangy chutney (flavored water). Not only people love it, dogs love it too! Here is a video that went viral recently. It’s a pet dog in Punjab eating ‘gol gappe’. The video instantly got circulated on social media and loved by people who loves dogs and Indian street food.

The video shows a dog eagerly waiting for his treat while his owner standing beside him and feeding him. Check out the video here:

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