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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Demand of dog-trainers turned high for ‘pandemic’ pups

Demand of dog-trainers turned high for ‘pandemic’ pups

During the lockdown, people have adopted puppies. But they were not aware that it’ll become a huge deal for them since the lockdown puppies will not socialize. Today pandemic has kept behaviorists and trainers busy in an attempt to correct dog’s behavioral issues.

The lockdown gave many opportunities to adopt a pet as working from home has given them more time. If they want to overcome loneliness with the help of mental health, many people are adopting puppies when they need to be away from the rest of their friends and family.

Now that the puppies have grown into adults indoors, there is a high demand for dog behaviorists and trainers.

In an interview, a parent said, “I adopted an American Pitbull puppy last year, and it is well-behaved inside the house. But he is not used to being around people or other dogs. It is a great trouble to take him for his walks as he tends to get aggressive with other dogs and people. I had to seek help from a dog trainer to correct the behavior before it escalates into an unfortunate or dangerous incident.

Delhi-based canine behaviorist and trainer Priti Chauhan pointed out how human actions during the pandemic – avoiding touching or hugging while greeting, refraining from socializing- have rubbed off on their pets.

She said, “It has been difficult to de-sensitize the pandemic pups to traffic or other people because of the restrictions brought on since they were young. I get several calls for such issues each day.

One of the biggest problems for pet parents while hiring a dog trainer is, they do not require standard certification or qualification for the profession. Namratha Rao from Delhi, who is a practicing dog trainer for seven years, said, “Before hiring a dog trainer, pet parents must ask questions like what methods do they use or what school of thought they believe in regarding the training techniques, what courses they have done or certifications they have, and do some research on their work.”

Source: Times Of India

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