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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Pratima Devi | The Mother Of Stray Dogs


Going through South Delhi’s Saket neighborhood, right across the PVR Anupam miltiplex, you would see a tin shack covered with some old and torn rugs, and hundreds of stray dogs walking and playing around this shack. This shack belongs to a woman named Pratima Devi, who lived here for over ...

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Pedigree Dogs Being Abandoned By Dog Owners


Recently in Kolkata, Subir Gon, a resident of the Rajarhat had put his 2-year old pedigree dog Labrador on Quikr for sale. The reason given by him for dumping his dog was that he couldn’t afford to spend too much time with the dog. Real reason behind pedigree dogs being ...

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A Lab Beagle Is Missing In Bengaluru


In Bengaluru, earlier this year, 156 lab Beagles were up for adoption that were rescued from an animal-testing laboratory. Among these 156 Beagles, one of the lab beagle that got adopted, recently went missing due to negligence of the family that adopted him. The 4-year old lab beagle was last ...

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Retired Police Dogs Are Up For Adoption In Bengaluru

Police Dogs

Retired Police dogs are now available for adoption in Bengaluru. A notice has been issued by the Karnataka police that allows all citizens of India to adopt a retired police dog. These police dogs are specialized in detecting bombs, stop burglaries, murders and other criminal activities. After retirement, they spend ...

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20 Dogs Rescued Before Yulin Festival


While the Yulin festival goes on, HSI has managed to save 20 dogs from ending up on the plates as dog meat. 20 Dogs Rescued Just a day before the Yulin festival kicked off in China, 20 dogs were rescued from a slaughter house on the outskirts of the Yulin ...

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The Barbaric Yulin Festival Starts Today


Despite heavy criticism, protests and signed petitions by animal rights activists and animal lovers from all across the globe, the barbaric Yulin festival starts today! Yulin festival It is estimated that around 10,000 dogs will be killed for their meat. Expecting trouble ahead of this day, the restaurants in China’s ...

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Homemade Doggie Dabbas For Pets In Gurgaon

homemade doggie dabbas feature

Gurgaon: Homemade Doggie Dabbas are now available for pet dogs in Gurgaon. Most of the pet owners complain that their dogs are not eating properly, especially during summers. They worry because they are not sure whether they’re giving them the right food or not. Rashee Kuchroo, a pet chef by ...

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Indian Chippiparai | New Universal Blood Donor For Dogs

Indian Chippiparai

After 18 months of research, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) has declared that the native Indian Chippiparai is the new universal blood donor for dogs in the country. Greyhound were considered the only dog breed as universal blood donors before. On 14 June, 2016 – On the ...

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