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Saturday , September 26 2020
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Indian Dog Breed Mentioned by PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat Muddles Naxals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a pitch for Indian breed dogs during his Mann Ki Baat address on Sunday. He lauded the brave Indian Army dogs Sophie and Vida and urged people to adopt an Indian breed of dogs.

PM Modi also mentioned various Indian breeds of dogs during his address, including the Indian Mudhol hounds. This breed of dog is deployed by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

Sources say PM Modi’s speech mentioning this particular breed of dogs has sent shock waves in Naxal camps.

“The reason is simple. The Indian Mudhol hounds deployed by ITBP in Chhattisgarh have caused great consternation and disquiet amongst the ANEs ( Anit Naxal Elements),” says a source in the ITBP.

This year ITBP has deployed Mudhol hounds Copper, Prince, Oscar, Tiger, and Annie as Patrol Explosive Detection Dogs in ANO (anti-Naxal operations) at 53, 27, 26, and 13th Battalions of ITBP.

“These Mudhol Hound dogs have changed the rules of the game. In dense jungles, they can detect any human presence form a distance of 1 to 2 km in upwind conditions. This means that even small movement of Naxals, thousands of meters away from ITBP patrols is indicated by these Indian Hounds. Now Naxals are in a fix as to how to move in the jungles patrolled by ITBP hounds,” said the ITBP official.

He adds, “They are also wary of wasting their smuggled explosive material in laying IEDs ( improvised explosive devices) since these hounds give indications even if a minuscule quantity of explosive is present. Now, no Naxal wants to touch explosives as, during individual searches, these hounds give signals even if the Naxal has as much as touched explosives,” said the official.

With PM Modi encouraging forces to induct more Indian Hounds, the Naxals are petrified as to what will happen if ITBP deploys more hounds in the so-called Red Corridor, said the official.

“These beautiful sleek dogs are a deadly combination of Indian toughness, Indian ingenuity, and Indian intelligence. Copper, Prince, Oscar, Tiger, and Annie, will be joined by more friends to finish Naxalism in Chhattisgarh,” said a source in ITBP.

Source: India Today

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