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Saturday , January 22 2022
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5 Things A Good Dog Walking Service Should Offer

Dog Walking Service

GUEST POST! Professional dog walking still pops up on different articles and blogs as a rather unique and unusual business idea. While this may have been accurate at the start of this decade, the truth is that dog walking has become a very profitable and respectable way of earning your ...

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5 Safety And Health Tips For Hunting Dog

Hunting dog

GUEST POST! If you check the history of dogs, you’ll find out that they are excellent hunters and retrievers. Hunting dogs generally require some extra care and training which the stay-at-home dogs might not need. It is crucial to ensure that your hunting dog is always well cared for and ...

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7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Active And Healthy This Winter

Dog Active and Healthy

GUEST POST! As winter is quickly approaching, it is important to keep your dog active and healthy. Many outdoor activities can become off-limits due to cold weather conditions. Whether it’s cold outside or not, your pet should still get plenty of exercise! Check out this list of 7 indoor activities that ...

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Can You Use Baby Shampoo For Dogs

Dog shampoo

We often get asked this question, that whether they can use baby shampoo on their pet dogs. Here are some of the following questions that often arise about using baby shampoo on dogs, especially for someone who just adopted a puppy: Q: When is the right time to bathe a ...

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Practicing Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

Yoga with your Dog

Guest post! At a Glance Most people think that yoga and pets don’t go together, but “doga” or dog yoga – one of the latest pet trends – proves them wrong. If yoga can be done by nearly any person, whether you’re a senior, a pregnant mom, or in almost ...

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How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Pugs

How to choose the best dog food for Pugs

Guest post! When it comes to making sure that your pet Pug is happy and healthy, the most important aspect to take into consideration is the food that it eats. But learning about proper nutrition for your pet doesn’t have to be complicated at all. There are many kinds of ...

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How Training With Your Dog Will Strengthen Your Bond

bonding with your dog

Guest post! Dogs have the unique ability to understand and pick up on human emotions. We see dogs getting excited when their humans are excited – and vice versa – all the time. This emotional sensitivity is part of the reason why dogs and humans can establish a deep bond ...

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3 Work Outs You Can Do With Your Dog

3 Work Outs You Can Do With Your Dog

Guest post! Although dogs seem to be pretty happy with their daily walks, we can see their utter joy when we go for longer sessions during weekends. Most healthy dogs, even the smallest, are extremely resistant to tiredness and can run for a long long while before dropping dead. We, ...

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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Guest post! Oftentimes we come home from a busy day at work feeling all stressed out and drained. We don’t feel like doing anything else but eat unhealthy food, keep to ourselves, and probably just watch TV until we feel we have had it. But there are some of us ...

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