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Thursday , May 19 2022
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Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

15 Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

What dog breeds are the healthiest?

This is a question that is most commonly asked but is not so straightforward to answer. Buying a pet for sale or pets for adoption, whether they’re crossbreed or mongrel, doesn’t always guarantee you the healthiest dog.

It is known that smaller dogs tend to live longer, but this does not necessarily mean that they don’t come with their own health problems.

It’s always worth checking the history of the dog’s health and including their family tree. This can give you a better idea but doesn’t always guarantee that the dog will not encounter health issues.

Studies suggest that an older, Spitz breed of dog will have a better chance of living longer and without any health problems. The reason for this is, that they were bred from much wider backgrounds and for working-related reasons rather than based on aesthetics.

Unfortunately now, the vast majority of dogs are bred purely for aesthetics rather than behavioral traits. This means we are now producing a new generation of dog breeds and the healthier generation is slowly changing.

It is understood that mongrels and crossbreeds are generally meant to be healthier as they are bred from a wider gene pool and therefore are less likely to be inbred. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not predisposed to health-related issues.

It is important that you do not choose your breed of dog based on potential health issues, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration before you look for pets for sale or pets for adoption. Such as whether they suit your lifestyle and are you able to nurture and take care of all of their needs.

You should also research their temperament and their behavior. A good example of this is choosing a dog that has relatively low chances of health-related issues but has aggression in its behavior, this would not suit a family with young children.

Nevertheless, listed below are the top five healthiest dog breeds. Please note that this information is based on an opinion relative to other dog breeds and is not fully exhaustive. If you are unsure of any health-related problems it’s worth checking with your vet first.

Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

1. Border Collies

Border Collie dog breed is considered to be relatively healthy. The Border Collie is a large breed and can sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia. They were, however, bred for herding other animals.

They are an intelligent breed and extremely athletic. They are often seen in many dogs’ shows up and down the country. They’re very loving and make a wonderful family pet.

2. English Springer Spaniel

This dog breed is known to rarely suffer from any serious hereditary diseases but can suffer from eye problems if not properly cared for.

They can develop ear infections because of their long ears which need to be properly cared for. They love to exercise and need lots of it! They make wonderful pets and would suit an active family.

3. Beagles

The Beagle is known to be a healthy dog breed. They do, however, require the correct care as they’re prone to becoming obese. This dog breed is also prone to certain health-related issues with their eyes such as distichiasis and renal atrophy.

Their long ears are also prone to becoming infected. Compared to other dog breeds, the Beagle is less likely to have any serious health issues.

4. Foxhound

The Foxhound doesn’t normally suffer from any serious health-related issues as with other dog breeds. They also, rarely suffer from any form of genetic disorders.

If not fed correctly they can form platelet disease and are prone to obesity if not exercised well. They require lots of exercises and make wonderful, loving pets if cared for properly.

5. Portuguese Podengo

This dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds around and one of the healthiest. They can live for a very long time if cared for properly. There are three different types of the

Portuguese Podengo which are: Podengo Medio, Podengo Grande, and the Podengo Pequeno. They all have different coats which makes them unique.

6. Maltese

This dog breed has very few serious health-related issues. They are prone to tear staining if their eyes are not cleaned properly, but this is not known to be life-threatening.

Their coats are pure white and they fall into the small dog breed category. They make lovable family pets as they’re very affectionate and love to play.

7. Siberian Husky

This dog breed is part of the Spitz family and another breed that is known to have very few health-related issues. They are prone to hip dysplasia and sometimes diseases in their eyes. They have a lovely temperament and make wonderful companions.

8. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is thought to be one of the healthiest dog breeds, as they were not originally bred to compete in shows. However, they do not live as long as the vast majority of smaller dog breeds.

They’re an active breed of dog that requires lots of exercise. The German Shepherd would suit a family that loves adventures and the outdoors.

9. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s dog breed fits into the category of being a healthy dog breed. Although they are predisposed to getting patellar luxation or hip dysplasia.

They originate from Japan and were bred for hunting. They’re very independent and clever. They normally live on average 12-15 years.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog breed

When we talk about longevity, the Australian cattle dog reigns, it lives on an average for 12-16 years. One of the longest living dogs ever recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records was an Australian cattle dog who lived till 29. These active dogs are a key trait for general dog wellbeing.

11. Chihuahua


It is one tiny toy breed that weighs just 5-6 pounds. Chihuahuas is a breed that stands out as one of the healthiest dog breeds. They have plenty of personality and spunk but can also live for 12-18 years.

12. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is a good pick for a breed with fewer health concerns when we talk about medium-sized dogs. All thanks to their boundless energy. If you are an experienced and active dog owner, the breed makes up to be a dynamic companion even as they age.

13. Greyhound


The breed is known as the cheetahs of the dog kingdom. This is because their phenomenal athleticism and musculoskeletal condition can run up to 45 miles per hour. It is one of the fastest dog breeds in the world.

14. Poodle

Poodle (Standard) cute

If you want to add a dog to your home who will live a healthy and long life, a poodle is a right choice. It is one dog breed that will not shed all over your furniture and clothing, irritating your allergies.

This highly active dog breed can live 12-15 years longer than most larger breeds.

15. Basenji


You do not need to worry about a pup who suffers from a few health conditions, as Basenji will be a great fit to play with the kids. The breed has its roots in ancient Egypt and went from being hunters to domestic companions.

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