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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Dog Walking vs. Pet Sitting - What's the Difference

Dog Walking vs. Pet Sitting – What’s the Difference?

Dog walking is the service in which the benefits of the daily walk are provided for dogs regularly and weekly. Companies are offering such services which have strict cancellation policies. Some companies offer flexible scheduling related to dog walkers as they understand the hour of need.

In daily life, anything can happen nowadays which can disturb your schedule. So, a dog walking plan or an appointment can be canceled or adjusted too.

Some companies offer dog walking services 24 hours daily. Sometimes, according to your schedule, there is no guarantee for the available slot because of its increasing demand.

Advantage of dog walking

  • The dog walking process is usually less costly than pet sitters.
  • This process offers flexible timings according to the schedule of the person in some cases too.
  • Most professional dog walkers stick to a schedule for better results.
  • A Professional dog walker takes care that the dog gets a potty break during its dog walking session.
  • The Dogwalker also ensures that the dog gets the appropriate form of exercise during dog walking
  • Dog walkers usually leave a note in which all your dog’s activities are enlisted, which helps to know how your dog behaved during the entire session.

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Pet Sitting


Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is the best service for those planning for an extended vacation or is leaving the area to attend a wedding or business for some time.

Pet sitting is the best idea for such cases as they can take care of the dog in an excellent way. Pet sitters are stricter in cancellation as they have very narrow time blocks and are booked for the entire holiday.

Pet sitters often get booked in total capacity, and in case of cancellation, they charge the cancellation fee too. The pet sitting service provider area can be considered a puppy hotel where many other dogs are also present for pet sitting along with your dog. It is the best option for dogs who love to socialize with other dogs.

Pet sitting providers ensure that the dogs are in a safe area take care of their feeding and cleanliness and ensure that they don’t get bored. It is recommended to find a pet sitting area having a certification in this service or license.

Advantages of pet sitting

  • A pet sitter offers personalized care for your dogs and includes all sorts of care facilities, including walking.
  • Your dog gets complete attention and specialized care all day long, or for the time you have to leave him there.
  • Your dog will not feel lonely as there are other dogs too, which can help your dog socialize well.
  • Pet sitters have a specific person to call anytime and check for your dog.
  • Pet sitters can also take care of your dog at home and help with other house chores like watering the plants, bringing the mail, or answering telephone calls.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that pet sitting and dog walking hold significance in their place. It depends on the person to choose the appropriate service according to their ease.

Dogs love to walk, and also some breeds love to engage with other animals, so pet sitting and dog walking both are important.

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