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beagle adoption bangalore

Beagles Rescued In Bangalore & Are Now Up For Adoption

156  beagles rescued in Bangalore from an animal testing laboratory are now up for adoption.

Government refused the permission to use of dogs for experiments in animal laboratory and passed a law regarding ban on animal testing in India. Recently, our government also put a ban on import of products in India that are animal tested.

These rescued beagles are seeing the outside world for the first time as they were always kept inside cages and in-bred for testing purposes.

For Beagles rescued in Bangalore, CUPA organizes adoption drive

(CUPA) Compassion Unlimited Plus Action took the initiative toward the release and rehabilitation of these dogs. These beagles are being sterilized and vaccinated by CUPA. It is one of the largest beagle rescues in the world.

Beagles rescued in bangalore

“These dogs weren’t even puppies; they were roughly between 7-10 years of age (beagles on an average live up to 14 years).” 10% of the families who stepped up were first-time adopters, which was surprising and heartening. Mostly, experienced dog-loving families welcome older dogs into their homes, whereas first-timers almost always want a puppy,” said Chinthana Gopinath, a volunteer at the NGO.

Generally beagles are highly energetic, fun-loving and people friendly. However, these beagles are not like regular beagles. They were never socialized or loved!

 “They were quiet, and easily scared, and didn’t even know the joys of walks or chasing after a ball,” said Gopinath.

CUPA followed up on some of the beagles that were adopted by families the first time they were rescued from an animal testing organization. They were happily surprised to see that each and every beagle had transformed into a loving, playful and quirky dog that every family loved dearly.

Beagles rescued in bangalore

Gopinath cited an example: “Jefe was adopted by a young couple adopting a dog for the first time, and initially was very afraid of going out for walks. He would only go into the basement,” she said. The couple’s patience with Jefe eventually paid off: “Today, they drive every day to Cubbon Park just so Jefe can have his walk. He now has to be carried back home because he loves the outdoors so much,” said Gopinath.

Beagle adoption procedure

Beagles rescued in bangalore

CUPA is confident that the 156 beagles rescued in Bangalore recently, will also find good homes with caring and patient families. Adoptions outside Bengaluru are possible, but people have to visit the dogs at the centre to take them back after adoption formalities.

“These dogs are phenomenal no matter what traumatic background they come from, they have the ability to bring joy in people’s lives. All of them are babies and we are going to find them homes.” –Volunteer, CUPA

Prospective adopters can send in this adoption request form to get things started!

Source: Huffington Post

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