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Sunday , January 23 2022
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Basic Skills That Your Dog Needs To Be Taught

Basic Skills That Your Dog Needs To Be Taught

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Training a dog is a critical aspect of owning a dog; it is a lifetime process for dogs as they keep learning every day of their lives.

Dogs are natural creatures that are eager to learn and also heeds to correction. Training a dog can be quite stressful at times depending on the kind of personality it has got because some dogs are naturally stubborn.

It is advisable for owners to know that training a dog should start from a very young age so that such dogs could be giving the right training at the right time. Owners of Chorkie and Chorkie puppies should bear these in mind.

They are essential habits you should teach your dog during the training process. These habits are essential as they sometimes keep dogs safe from dangers and also make them smarter.

Dog owners should keep in mind that training a dog requires patience, endurance, and positivity. These essential skills are discussed below:


come training to puppy

This is one of the essential habits a dog should be taught; this habit can keep a dog safe in situations that are dangerous. When a dog is given the command “come” then the dog should leave whatever it is engaged in.

When training your dog to come, the command should be given once, be positive and make yourself open and relaxed.

Leave it

Dog Leave it training

This is another skill your dog needs to learn. This is quite useful when your dog wants to swallow or pick something harmful.

There are some steps to be followed when teaching your dog this skill such as showing your dog the meaning of “leave it,” waiting for your dog’s responses, and repeating the same.



This skill has proved to be very useful in specific scenarios; it is usually the first command learned by puppies or dogs. “Sitting” is a very natural habit of dogs, so dogs quickly determine this command. You make sure the action “sit” corresponds with the command “sit”.


This is a command that keeps puppies or dogs from danger. To teach your puppy this command, three D’s will be taken into consideration as Distance, Distraction, and Duration.



This is not a command, but a signal to your puppy, it means your puppy is doing the right thing, and you want it to continue. Puppies like the Chorkie puppies are taught this with continual repetition of the word, correct body language, and positive facial expression.


Teach no to puppy

Teaching your dog this important signal is excellent, NO means that you want your puppy to stop whatever it is doing. It is essential to bear in mind that you should not look scary when giving this command because this might scare your puppy.


Your puppy should know the meaning of the word “settle.” This is an essential command in a situation whereby your puppy is restless or hyperactive.

When teaching your puppy this, a small space for sitting, standing, and turning around is required. Your puppy may be so active and might want to jump around or leave the room, let it know that it cannot go out.



Puppies sometimes prefer some spots for defecating or urinating; it is required to allow them to use the preferred spot.

Owners should choose a comfortable place where their puppies can ease themselves. Make sure your dog is comfortable and accustomed to this spot; do not allow your puppy to turn it into a playground.

After your dog has eaten and played well for some time, take it to the preferred spot so that it can ease itself. Sometimes, your puppy might decide to mess up itself, don’t be harsh, and clean it up.


Lastly, make sure your puppy adapts to its home early enough, do not let it wander because it might not get used to its home and people. Allow your puppy to get used to people, sounds, animals, motions, and objects around it.

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