A Matter Of Debate: Should Dogs Be Fed In Public Places?
Thursday , July 18 2024
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A Matter Of Debate- Should Stray Dogs Be Fed In Public Places

A Matter Of Debate: Should Stray Dogs Be Fed In Public Places?

Many of us love to help animals. We feel compassion, love, care, and affection for them. We shelter them during rain and provide them food to not sleep with growling hungry stomachs.

However, have you ever questioned yourself whether it is alright to feed stray dogs in public places? Why is it a matter of concern if you feed stray dogs in public areas?

While many of us feed stray dogs with left-over food like a packet of biscuits or home-cooked meals, a large section of people carry the common misconception that every dog has rabies, these people believe that all stray dogs should be transferred to a shelter.

It is wrong, but we cannot ignore that almost 21,000 deaths are recorded due to rabies-infected dog bites.

Then what should a person do?

Should we continue to feed stray dogs or call animal control and give them away to shelters?

The debate on whether one should feed stray dogs in public places or not took the form of an official debate when two neighbors took their argument to the Delhi High Court on 24th June 2021. The case has been entitled “Maya D. Chablani v. Radha Mittal.” The petitioner Maya D. argued that Radha Mittal should be restrained from feeding stray dogs at the entrance/exit of the property.

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It was a matter of rejoicing for animal lovers all over India when the Delhi High Court had passed the judgment in favor of feeding stray dogs. The implementation committee included highly authoritative members from India’s Animal Husbandry Department, Delhi Municipal Corporation, and the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Justice J.R. Midha, however, stated the proper way how stray dogs should be fed. He ordered that it shall be the duty of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to designate certain places for feeding community dogs who stay in groups/packs. No one was allowed to restrict people who fed stray dogs at these places.

Stray Dogs Be Fed In Public Places

One should always take complete responsibility, not be partial

When we feed stray dogs, we should do it inside our property. Feeding stray dogs on a public road can cause traffic jams, threats to other people, and risk an accident between the dog and a vehicle.

The Indian Constitution permits freedom of action but with certain restrictions, causing nuisance and disturbance/harm to others.

Giving food only does not constitute care, love, and affection. When one takes the responsibility of feeding stray dogs, they should also take the responsibility of their vaccination and neutering.

The cost of vaccinating and spaying stray animals is carried out at low rates, often free during campaigns held by NGOs and animal welfare groups. It is better to be safe than sorry. Once a dog gets rabid, you cannot prevent it from harming other dogs or people.

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