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12 Year Old Girl Gets Bitten By A Rottweiler Dog In Chennai

In a recent dog bite incident, a 12-year-old schoolgirl was bitten by a neighbor’s pet Rottweiler in Mangadu, Chennai. The girl also got injured after being bitten as she fell hard on the ground when the dog pounced on her. The girl is reported to be recovering at a government hospital in the city.

What Happened?

As reported by a police officer and a witness, the incident occurred yesterday morning when the 12-year-old girl named Keerthana stepped out of her house on Sri Ramajayam street to buy some chocolate from a grocery store. As she was walking back to her house, the neighbor Suganth’s Rottweiler spotted her and charged at her. The girl panicked and started running to get away from the dog. She tried to shoo the dog away by throwing some stones at him but the dog kept charging and caught up with her quickly. She fell down hard as the dog pounced on her and injured her hand badly.

The witness confirmed that the girl ran quite a stretch and tried to hurl stones at the dog to stop him. But the dog pounced on her and bit her stomach. Hearing the girl’s cries, the witness, bystanders, neighbors, and Suganth rushed to the spot to get the dog away. Suganth took the dog under control while the witness called the 108 ambulance service and informed the police.

The paramedics in the 108 ambulance administered first aid to the girl before rushing her to the Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital.

No case registered

The Mangadu police couldn’t register a case because the girl’s parents refused to lodge a complaint after talking with the dog owner. The police visited the hospital to take the statement of the victim and her parents. Suganth, the dog owner convinced the girl’s parents that he would take care of all the medical expenses of the girl and ensure that his pet dog will be kept under control, with muzzle and leash whenever outside.

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