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Thursday , October 5 2023
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Why Some Dogs Are Smelly And Some Are Not

Dog Odor – Why Some Dogs Are Smelly and Others Not?

There’s a famous local proverb- “smelling like a wet dog.” Humans blame dogs for their body odor. Whatever it is, a foul smell can make you worry. People who love dogs can evaluate it; on the contrary, they love this smell. For them, this smell is lovely and refreshing. Some guys even rub their faces in fur like a soft cotton-scented cloth.

If you visit a dog salon, especially during their grooming session, you will learn the different body odors. Odors often indicate health issues in a dog. Some dogs have an acrid smell due to infection developed in their skin. It smells yeasty due to ear wax. They can even smell like damaged milk which arises due to infections in their ear.

An unusual odor of the breath can indicate a health issue. Experts say that some dog breeds, for example, spaniel and hound have a particular smell whereas, in a few other dogs like the poodle, there is no scent.

Similar to human beings, every dog has their odor. A unique smell develops due to oil or the secretion of hormones under their skin. It depends on what they consume. Different parts of the dog’s body smell differently. For example, in the case of feet, it smells like popcorn in many dogs.

They remove their sweat through their paws. Hence, they do not smell good. This article will help you distinguish an unusual odor and one that must be considered a health concern.

Causes behind bad dog odor

#1 Infection in the ear

Various reasons may work that lead to the odor of the dog’s ear. Some occur due to moisture present in huge quantities inside the ears. It may occur during the time swimming in the pool or when bathing.

It happens if the cleaning process is not done properly. The presence of hairs on the top of their ears or inside the canal can be a reason behind the odor.

A smell of yeasty developed due to less cleaning of the ear. If you detect a strong smell that makes you sick, immediately consult your vet, as it may be a serious concern.

You smell the odor from a distance and consider it a general dog odor. When you give it a closer look, you can find the odor from the ear superseding the body smell.

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#2 Skin problem

As told previously, dogs don’t smell very awkward. But, in the case of the presence of a dog’s dandruff, an awkward smell can arise. When dandruff gets out of control, a dog develops an irritating smell. stale with some old sticky cheese odor. It results due to mucus and yeast infections. A vet visit is advised for treatment.

Once detected, you must maintain regular cleaning, medicine, and bathing procedures as prescribed by your vet. Clean their ears. There is no such cure for dog dandruff. You can control this, which improves their odor like any dog. It’s one of the crucial causes of dog odor. There can be other possible reasons.

Allergy, hormone imbalance, parasitical microbes, and local swelling will help the bacteria and mucus grow. Hence, which can produce a bad odor in the dogs. When your dog licks and scratches its skin excessively, it indicates congestion and bacteria, which is annoying for him. Bacterial infections increase the odor to an unbearable limit.


Dog’s Itchy Skin

Get in touch with the vet immediately to avoid any worst-case scenario. Some dog breeds have too many skin folds (for example, boxer, mastiff, pug, bulldog, etc.). Microbes and bacteria can develop within the skin fold due to the heavy moisture deposits in their fold.

The fold needs to be cleaned rigorously. If your dog is irritated with a folding area with a color of red and a bit of bad odor, then there is no doubt that the fold is congested or infected by bacteria.

Many people bathe their dogs to get rid of the smell. Bathing can aggravate the problem if not done effectively. You can seek consultation from the vet to maintain a proper balance.

#3 Glands of Anal

Sometimes, you get a smell of fish from your dog, which is deadly. It may be due to the anal gland, a small and vital part of your dog’s body placed on both sides of the rectum. Dogs suffering from gland issues produce odor. A healthy gland will never cause an odor.

If a gland smells irritating, you should take your dog to a vet for treatment without losing any time.

#4 Gastrointestinal gas

Another reason a dog may emit an odor is gastrointestinal gas. It farts, and you may feel awkward among a group of people if the air becomes full of foul smell. One or two incidents of routing and gurgling are common. If it is a continuous process, it indicates something serious. A vet visit is a must. They solve it through food change or medicine.

Pugs and boxers are prone to gas as their nose structure needs to hold higher when eating. It allows more air to their digestion system and produces more gas. You can give probiotics to them.

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#5 Urinal tract issue

If your pup smells like urine, it may be due to a urinary tract problem, diabetes, or kidney issue. You may observe frequent urination. They might be a pain while urinating. There can even be the presence of blood in the urine. A vet visit is indispensable for ensuring proper treatment and cure.

#6 Less grooming

Less bathing makes your dog too much stinky. Brushing your dog reduces the impurities like dirt, saliva, dead cell, and other things from afar, which makes a bad odor in the dog. Cleanliness is imperative. Clean the bed of your pet regularly to help reduce the smell.

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