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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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Dog Pee Smell on the Carpet How to Get Rid of It for Good

Dog Pee Smell on the Carpet: How to Get Rid of It for Good

The dog peeing on the carpet is a common incident, whether in time of indoor training of the dog or while caring for aged ones. It is difficult for your dog to pee in the proper place at a proper time. Therefore, you should accustom yourself to the situation without blaming your dog, it is impossible to stay with the sting of the pee on the carpet even after your cleaning.

Also, no matter how much behaved and well-trained and intelligent your dog is, how diligently you keep him, it happens. Luckily, we can remove the smell. So here in this article, we have provided some tips for your help so that you can get rid of your dog’s pee smell after cleaning.

Below are some furnished products for you to use in such a situation.

The procedure or steps to follow while removing the odor

Using pee remover is a good step for better output. But still, there is a range of options for betterment. If you are searching for the availability of more effective ways, your search ends here. It is available. These are the counterattack processes. Clear the pee as much as you can. If you miss any residual urine, find it with ultraviolet light and dry them.

It is better to use light clean materials to battle against pee odor. Use a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning the cloth or fabric. Continue the procedure to stop later issues. Now follow the whole procedure in progress.

Liquid removal

To prevent the effect of smell and blemish on your room floor, you can use the essence. For new such incidents, try to dry the floor from pee as much as you can. Envelope the area with a paper towel or any other receptive material. Now press them with the help of your hand or leg. This way, you can soak up the maximum amount of pee out of your carpet or floor.

More paper towels might be required for the process. It will help prevent you keep out of touch with pee. Do this process until it’s completely dried up. Microfiber cloth is the best choice for cleaning for such a purpose.

Try to purchase the non-eroding fiber in a bunch of twenty-four, thirty-six, forty-eight, and hundred forty-four in number. Just wash them and use them again.

In the time of non-carpet situation

If your dog peed on marble floor and tiles, paper towels, receptive material, or a general mop are the best choice for soaking the floor. After that, for further removal of the residue, cleaner is the best way.

Herbal-based wipes are considered the best choice for hard floor cleaning. Available in a pack of seventy-five and hundred. It provides satisfactory results for your flooring sanitization.

Use a light source to find the residual pee

It’s almost impossible to remove the pee odor from your house unless you are not aware of the particular place where it’s still existing. A dog can identify an old urine smell with its exceptional smelling ability. But, you cannot detect it with your naked eye. It’s an obvious habit for a dog to mark an old spot.

But the question is how to find them if one can smell the odor but can’t find the source. So it’s better to use ultraviolet light, which illuminates the zone where pee is present. General ultraviolet light available in the market can do your job. UV light reacts to the presence of phosphorus and illuminates it even if it’s present in dog pee.

First, clean the area with the vacuum cleaner, then close all the lights within the room. Switch on the ultraviolet light and scan the entire area. Pee stain will glow in dull yellow or green. Mark the area with a marker with your choice. So that after the light is on, you get to recognize the spot.

Enzyme pet remover

Urine odor and stain are tough to remove. Enzyme enriched remover is more effective against them. Protein-enriched remover disintegrates pee particles and diminishes the smell. However, it takes a lot of time to work, and a large quantity is required for better performance against the obstinate mark.

You should put the remover in the area and wait for it to properly settle down. Then soak and scrub it well. Repeat the process according to necessity.

Homemade cleaner

Make a solution of vinegar with a small amount of essential oil. Put some baking powder on the spot, then wait for a few minutes to mix it well. After that, clean the area with a vacuum cleaner. Now, sprinkle the whole space with some vinegar solution. The essential oil present in the solution will help discard the odor.

Carpet cleaner

If you feel that a solution is not effective enough for the cleaning procedure, you can rent a carpet cleaning machine. In case of a regular incident, it’s wiser to purchase a vacuum cleaner.

Miscellaneous item

In the time of cleaning, it is obvious that you keep out of contact with your pet-created mess. Rubber gloves are such an option to prevent you from direct contact.

Precaution regarding the future incident

After the cleaning procedure is correctly done, there will be a few things that you still need to consider. For instance, hide the spot from the dog so that he doesn’t get a second chance or avail of the same spot to pee again. In case of bladder problems, use diapers dedicated to dogs.

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