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Thursday , May 19 2022
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5 reasons why you should have digital pet portraits of your beloved pets at home

Why Should You Have Digital Pet Portraits Of Your Beloved Pets At Home?

There is no place in this world like our homes. No matter how much or wherever we wander, we always look up to our four walls at some point in time. Every house has something very unique and special that makes it distinct. It can be because of some historic decor pieces, scientific models, religious scriptures, beautiful plants, or some artsy stuff.

Having some modern-day revolutionized art pieces would be very distinctive, mesmerizing, and lasting. Our living spaces become more worthy to us when we have our special members waiting for us with that huge smile, some whom we run to and hug and some who simply pounce upon us as soon as they sense our presence.

You might have sensed that in the latter sentence, we are talking about none other than your four-legged cute friend. Having a pet makes a house full of thrill and adventure every day. Why not portray their treasured moments with digital pet portraits? It is not only the beauty of your space that will be amplified but also value to the pale walls and your beloved pooch.

This guardian of your house would recognize this tribute sooner and you will find them glancing at their pet oil painting with their very innocent and affection-filled eyes. It is rightly said that the calm, comfort, love, and care given by a dog can only be understood by the ones who proudly own them.

What is more special than having one who goes gaga over you as soon as their sixth sense sniffs your presence? To give them some likewise feeling, here are 5 reasons as to why you should have digital pet portraits of your beloved pets at home:

Keeping moments with your pet fresh & alive:

You, as a pet owner would be facing very similar moments to that of a parent owning a toddler. Running behind them to get that perfect capture. Like children, pets grow up too in just a matter of a blink! It might seem like yesterday that they were so small and now suddenly a healthy full-grown dog.

Keeping a reality check alert in our heads, even after their sad demise, these digital pet portraits will keep them little yet the funniest moments you have enjoyed together very much alive in your hearts.

As a token of love and respect:

When we truly admire or love something, we search for the best possible medium to express our feelings. This expression doubles our happiness too in return. Since your pet pooch is obviously no less than a family member, or probably the most important part of your life, it would be a thoughtful idea to display a digitally drawn custom pet oil painting for them.

You can hang it right in the center of your house, as this happy and lively center of attraction for everyone who steps in clearly deserves it!

To share their life journey:

To encapsulate great memories lived together, you can also opt in to make a beautiful timeline of your furry friend. Since the day they were born, their first bath, their first birthday, their first drive, their first trip, their first treat, their first dress, etc!

Keep these moments fresh and right in front of your eyes as a sweet way of remembering this one-of-a-kind parenting journey. You can get a number of digital pet portraits done, which will end you up having a 10% discount on your total order!

A pet oil painting can be a great conversation starter:

Since a majority of the mass is head over heels for having dogs around, when you have guests coming over there will be absolutely so much to talk and laugh about! It will act as the perfect silence breaker in the room. You can talk about what made you get them to your doorstep, how were they like during their initial days, etc.

Your guests are guaranteed to get impressed over the exact replica of your furry friend done with carefully crafting their details and perfect finishing on the dog pet portraits by Pawstro.

Capture your dog’s personality:

Creating digital pet portraits will definitely add up to the sentimental value of owning a dog. This art itself will portray your pet as something very magnificent to have around and be proud and blessed of. Now, before asking for a digitally drawn art piece, we would suggest you explore the personality of your dog thoroughly.

You can choose the best-suited background, outfit, picture style, etc. which would resonate just perfectly with your pup’s personality.


With Pawstro, all of these aspects can come to life in a very realistic and mesmerizing way. Our professionals put all their heart and soul to create a masterpiece that would give the best of justice to your beloved pets. Every single detail is taken very important care of.

We promise to create it very creatively yet keep the originality alive. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the art, our final work will give all the answers to the questions that you might be longing for.

You just have to send a good HD photo of your pet. You can email it to us at [email protected]. For any queries and support, you can also reach out to us at +91 9054719872.

These pet portraits of India will be presented to you on an archival canvas with our standard size range of 12”x 14’. So, it’s time to do and bring home something unique for your beloved pet pooch. The twinkling in their eyes would glow when they would spot themselves in the form of an art frame at the center spot of the house.

Remind yourself of this cute little pawsitive friend around, even when they are not around with a custom oil painting by Pawstro.

The emotion attached with painting any of the art pieces is just as personal as that being done for our own selves. Once again, be rest assured and trust us with our work. Let the creative team at Pawstro bring out the best for your best mate.

Author Bio:

Vipul Pandit, the co-founder of Pawstro has experience of 15+ years of in oil paintings. Pawstro does pet portraits for proud pet parents.
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