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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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Abandoned dogs

Treat Your Dogs Like A family Member

Frequently, we see many handicapped dogs with pet collars roaming on roads. These are the ones that were abandoned by their owners, either due to old age or health issues. Many people let go of their responsibility of taking care of them and abandon them on the roads.

Why do people abandon their pets?

Abandon dog

Sometimes people abandon their pets because they think it’s the only possible solution for them when the dogs become sick or too old. As they don’t want to take full responsibility for their care, they tend to abandon them on the roads.

Behavior problems like biting or aggression in dogs are also some of the most common reasons why people give up their dogs. Most behavioral issues can be corrected, but people may lack the knowledge to do the work.

Would they do the same with their family members?

No. Why? Because they are our family. People usually don’t consider pets as family. Whether they are adopted or bought from a breeder, they become a part of your family, once you take them home. It becomes our responsibility to treat them with respect and care throughout their life cycle.

Another reason for dog abandoning is the lack of commitment. Most people, get a puppy because it looks cute. But once the puppy grows old and mature, the puppy cuteness isn’t there anymore, which leads to abandonment. People tend to get a dog for superficial reasons and lack the commitment of seeing it through.

Pets only need love and care similar to your children. Do not leave them feeling unwanted, unloved, and uncared. They cannot speak our language, hence you need to be their voice.

We urge every dog owner in India and around the globe to not abandon their pets on road. If you feel, you’re not able to take care of your pet, reach out to shelters, foster homes, and other dog lovers to see if anyone else can adopt your pet.

We request everyone not to abandon them. Treat them like a family member!

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