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Wednesday , September 27 2023
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How To Groom Your Dog At Home Like A Pro?

How To Groom Your Dog At Home

The process of grooming your dog at home starts with bathing them. The thing is that they do not need to bathe as frequently as the remaining members of the family. If you bathe them more than is needed with them it can dry out their skin and coat. The ...

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Ultimate Dog Grooming Tips

Ultimate Dog Grooming Tips

India is one of many nations of dog lovers. According to Statista, there were nearly 20 million pet dogs in India in 2019, but that figure is growing quickly. The number of pet dogs is predicted to reach 31 million by 2023 in India, which shows how quickly the growing ...

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How To Make Your Dog Happy?

Happy Dog

The key to your dog’s happiness is spending time with them and providing them with a healthy lifestyle. Add these daily activities to your routine to make and keep your dog happy. Daily Grooming Regular brushing not only makes your pooch look good, it also helps prevent skin allergies and ...

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5 Easy Tips On Grooming Your Dog At Home

A well-groomed dog not only looks great but is also much healthier and happier than other unkempt dogs. That’s why as pet owners, it’s our job to maintain our dogs’ hygiene and keep them looking prim and proper. Professional grooming sessions can be quite expensive and time-consuming and it’s also ...

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How To Reduce Excessive Shedding In Dogs?

excessive shedding in dog

Dogs shed fur and it’s nothing to fret about! We humans also shed dead skin cells and hair every day (yes, we do!). This is completely natural, however, there are a few breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds that shed all year-round. You should be alarmed if your dog ...

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5 Dog Grooming Basics

Keeping your dog well-groomed is a lot harder than you think. It’s not just about getting your dog to smell and look good. It is about keeping your dog medically fit too. Similar to people, dogs also need physical maintenance to look better. Fortunately, dogs do not need to bathe ...

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