Search Continues for Lost Rescue Dog Wilson in Colombia
Thursday , July 18 2024
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Search Continues for Lost Rescue Dog Wilson in Colombia Plane Crash
Wilson during the search to find the four children who went missing in the Colombian jungle.

Search Continues for Lost Rescue Dog Wilson in Colombia Plane Crash

However, amid this success, the search continues for Wilson, a six-year-old BIn Colombia, four children lost in the Amazon jungle have been found after surviving for 40 days. Their story has been compared to Gabriel García Márquez’s non-fiction book, “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor,” highlighting their incredible survival. The children, Lesly (13), Soleiny (nine), Tien Noriel (five), and Cristin Neriman (12 months), endured a plane crash that took the lives of their mother and two adults.

Belgian shepherd dog who went missing during the rescue operation. Wilson, who grew up with soldiers, was lost on June 8 due to the jungle’s challenging terrain, humidity, and adverse weather conditions. Footprints found near the children’s traces indicate that Wilson was near both the soldiers and the children.

The search effort for the children, named Operation Hope, involved over 100 members of Colombia’s Special Forces, along with Civil Defense members, military dogs, and more than 70 indigenous people who possess invaluable knowledge of the jungle. Finally, the children were found on Friday, and it was initially reported that Wilson had also been located. However, this was incorrect information, adding another twist to a story already marked by misinformation and false alarms.

The false news about Wilson’s discovery takes the internet by storm; the rescue dog was hailed as a hero. Some users even suggested featuring Wilson on the 200,000 peso bill, and viral drawings of the dog circulated widely.

According to Lesly, the oldest among the rescued children, Wilson did find them. Astrid Cáceres, the director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), confirmed this on Saturday, recounting Lesly’s joyful reaction upon being rescued and sharing details about the dog. Finding Wilson has become the primary objective for the remaining soldiers in the Amazon jungle.

General Helder Giraldo, the Colombian Military Forces commander, has instructed the troops to follow the dog’s footprints, emphasizing that a fallen comrade is never abandoned in combat. Operation Hope will conclude once Wilson is located, as declared by the army. General Pedro Sánchez, commander of the search operation, revealed that soldiers had encountered Wilson twice but lost track of him on both occasions. When Wilson discovered the children, it was severely weakened due to food scarcity in the jungle. Finding Wilson has now become the new goal of Operation Hope, aiming to ensure an even happier ending to the story of the rescued children.

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