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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Pugs and Labrador Inbred

Pugs And Labradors Being Inbred Due To High Demand

With the increase in demand for certain breed of dogs, such as Pugs and Labradors, many pet shops and breeders have started inbreeding them. Inbreeding causes many serious health problems in canines.

What is Inbreeding?

Inbreeding is mating siblings, cousins and offspring with each other or their parents, said Dr JC Khanna, in charge of the Parel-based Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hospital,

Inbreeding leads to serious health problems in dogs

“Most people are unaware that inbreeding among animals increases the likelihood of the offspring acquiring genetic abnormalities,” Dr. Khanna said.

The most common health problems from inbreeding are hip dislocation, blindness, diabetes and obesity.

A senior veterinary surgeon, Dr Gopal Rayate said, “Several hereditary conditions and illnesses are inherited only when the pups inherit ‘recessive genes’ from both parents. Now, the likelihood of them having two parents with such genes is obviously much higher if the parents are related.”

According to Doctors

Dr Khanna said that the high demand for certain breeds, such as Pugs and Labradors is one of the reasons inbreeding is happening.

 “It is a high-profit industry. Pugs are sold anywhere between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. Customers who buy them however, are unaware that they are inbred,” said Dr Rayate.

Sometime pet owners with male dogs, charge ‘mating fee’ from owners of female dogs. This discourages them to breed outside the family line.

A doctor from the Bombay Veterinary College said, “An owner of a female German Shepherd had told me he was asked to pay Rs. 10,000 by a male dog’s pet owner. No one wants to pay for this. They would rather breed their dogs within the family.”

Lack of awareness

The lack of awareness about the risks associated with inbreeding is also a concern, especially because more and more people want pet dogs, said veterinarians.

“In India, breeding is an unorganized sector. Pet owners don’t get their dogs registered with the Indian National Kennel Club and Kennel Club of India, leading to a lack of authentic data of the dog’s genetic background,” said Dr Makarand Chavan, veterinary physician and surgeon at Dogs and Cats Veterinary Clinic, Dadar.

Veterinarians have urged pet owners to breed their dogs more responsibly.

“Inbreeding dogs is similar to how it works in humans. People must seek professional help if they want to breed their dogs. Once a dog is diagnosed with a problem that has genetic links, treatment is a challenge,” said Dr Chavan.

Reference: hindustan times 

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