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Monday , August 3 2020
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Pet Licence Mandatory For Pet Owners In Gurugram

It’s been over 8 years since the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram had mandated a licence for pet dogs, however, they have just started giving them out. They are now following in the footsteps of the MC authorities of cities like Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

The civic officials of Gurugram say that they have issued 12 licences last month and they expect that more people would turn up in the coming days to get their pet dog registered. This will help the officials carry out proper checks, prevent stray menace and control animal cruelty cases in the city.

“Every dog with a licence will be issued a token number with the details of the owner. This token has to remain attached to the pet all the times, otherwise it will be taken away by MCG teams,” said the official.

It has also been mentioned by the officials that if a pet is found without a licence or token, the owner would have to pay a fine of INR 50 per day until the owner gets the licence.

How to get a licence?

  • The pet owners are required to get an application form from the MCG office, fill it and submit.
  • Owners need to show the sterilization certificate and submit a copy of it along with a fee of INR 500.
  • Pet owners also need to submit a certificate from their veterinary stating their dog has all the required vaccinations as mandated by the civic authority.
  • The licence will be renewed every year at a price of INR 250 by the MCG.

Talking about pet’s safety, the civic officials said,

“In case, we find any signs of animal cruelty at the time of issuing a licence or renewing it, the owner’s application will be rejected.”

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