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Saturday , January 22 2022
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30 dog dies due to suffocation

Owner Faces 90 Years Jail Time For Killing 30 Dogs In Philippines

A heart-wrenching video of 30 dogs dying due to heat stroke and suffocation has come to light. The man responsible is facing 90 years jail time and a fine of ₹95 lakh for killing 30 dogs while transporting them to a dog show in a closed van. The dogs died of suffocation.

The incident had took place on 2 December, when the dog owner loaded 40 cages of dogs into a closed van and transport them to the Beagle Fanciers Club Dog Show in Marikina City. When the vehicle arrived at the venue the dogs were found to be unconscious, and their owner has vanished since then.  Despite the attempts to save them a total of 30 dogs died of heat stroke and suffocation.

However, a few of the dogs were lucky enough to survive.

“Penny Cham, who got the video from “a concerned PCCI [canine club] member said, “By posting this video it is my hope that I can prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.”

On Tuesday, local Senator Francis Pangilinan said, the club’s measures are “sorely lacking amid the tragic fate suffered by the dogs.”

Pangilinan said that the owner, who has reportedly since vanished, had violated the Amended Animal Welfare Act and, if found guilty of 30 dogs’ deaths,

“That would be 30 counts, with maximum penalties of up to 90 years’ imprisonment and/or P7.5 million ($149,000) fine.”


Reference: RT

If we compare the animal cruelty laws of Philippines with Indian animal cruelty laws, there is a vast difference. In India, a similar offense would only get charged with a Rs.100 fine and maximum of 3 months jail time. Shouldn’t India adopt stricter animal cruelty laws like Philippines?

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